Go Your Own Way

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Go Your Own Way
Go Your Own Way.jpg
Album studio karya Gareth Gates
Dirilis 22 September 2003
Genre Pop
Kronologi Gareth Gates
What My Heart Wants to Say
(2002)What My Heart Wants to Say2002
Go Your Own Way
Pictures of the Other Side
(2007)Pictures of the Other Side2007

Go Your Own Way adalah album musik kedua karya penyanyi Inggris, Gareth Gates. Album ini berisi 2 CD (double album) dengan hits singel lagu Say It Isn't So dan Sunshine.

Daftar lagu[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. "Sunshine"
  2. "Groove with Me"
  3. "Absolutely"
  4. "All Cried Out"
  5. "Enough of Me"
  6. "Go Your Own Way"
  7. "Just Say Yes"
  8. "Freak My Baby"
  9. "Club Hopping"
  10. "Soul Affection"
  1. "Spirit in the Sky"
  2. "Say It Isn't So"
  3. "Skeletons"
  4. "Listen to My Heart"
  5. "Foolish"
  6. "Too Soon to Say Goodbye"
  7. "Lies"
  8. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
  9. "It Happens Every Time"