Edward Daniel Clarke

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Edward Daniel Clarke (lahir 5 Juni 1769 – meninggal 9 Maret 1822) merupakan seorang rohaniwan, naturalis, ahli mineralogi, dan penjelajah berkebangsaan Inggris

Karya[sunting | sunting sumber]

Berikut ini adalah beberapa karya utamanya:

  • Testimony of Authors respecting the Colossal Statue of Ceres in the Public Library, Cambridge (8vo, 1801–1803)
  • The Tomb of Alexander, a Dissertation on the Sarcophagus brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum (4to, 1805)
  • A Methodical Distribution of the Mineral Kingdom (fol., Lewes, 1807)
  • A Description of the Greek Marbles brought from the Shores of the Euxine, Archipelago and Mediterranean, and deposited in the University Library, Cambridge (8vo, 1809)
  • Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa (4to, 1810–1819; 2nd ed., 1811–1823; 4th ed., 1817–1824)
  • Travels in Various Countries of Scandinavia Including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lapland and Finland (Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Part The Third, SCANDINAVIA, Section The Second) MDCCCXXIII (1823) [1]

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