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Danny Peary

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Danny Peary (lahir tahun 1949) merupakan seorang wartawan, pengamat film dan penulis artikel olahraga asal Amerika Serikat. Awal kariernya ia mulai saat menjadi pengulas film untuk majalah TV Guide di Kanada. Saat ini Peary lebih banyak fokus menulis artikel serta buku-buku bertema olahraga.

Hasil karya

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  • Cult Movies (1981)
  • Cult Movies 2 (1983)
  • Omni's Screen Flights/Screen Fantasies: The Future According to the Cinema (1984)
  • Guide for the Film Fanatic (1986), short reviews of over 1650 films
  • Cult Movies 3 (1989)
  • Cult Baseball Players: The Greats, the Flakes, the Weird and the Wonderful (1990)
  • Cult Movie Stars (1991)
  • Alternate Oscars (1993), Peary's choices for best picture, actor, and actress Oscars
  • Super Bowl: The Game of their Lives (1997)
  • We Played the Game: Memories of Baseball's Greatest Era (2002)

Asisten penulis:

  • Tim McCarver's Baseball for Brain Surgeons and other Fans (1999), with Tim McCarver
  • Baseball Forever: Reflections on Sixty Years in the Game (2004), with Ralph Kiner
  • Great Golf: 150 Years of Essential Instruction from the Best Players, Teachers, and Writers of All Time (2005), with Allen Richardson
  • 1,001 Reasons to Love Baseball, with Mary Tiegreen
  • Raising a Team Player, with Harry Sheehy
  • The Perfect Season, with Tim McCarver
  • How to Buy, Trade and Invest in Baseball Cards & Collectibles, with Bruce Chadwick
  • Tim McCarver's Diamond Gems (2008), with Tim McCarver and Jim Moskovitz
  • Roger Maris: Baseball's Reluctant Hero (2010), with Tom Clavin


  • Close-Ups: The Movie Star Book (19??)

Asisten editor:

  • The American Animated Cartoon: A Critical Anthology (19??), with Gerald Peary

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