Can We Go Home Now

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Can We Go Home Now
The Roches - canwegohomenow.jpg
Album studio karya The Roches
Dirilis 1995
Genre Folk
Label Rykodisc
Produser Stewart Lerman and The Roches
Kronologi The Roches
Will You Be My Friend?
(1994)Will You Be My Friend?1994
Can We Go Home Now
The Collected Works of the Roches
(2003)The Collected Works of the Roches2003

Can We Go Home Now adalah album The Roches. Album ini dirilis pada tahun 1995.

Daftar lagu[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. "The Great Gaels"
  2. "Move"
  3. "You (Make My Life Come True)"
  4. "Christlike"
  5. "Home Away From Home"
  6. "Can We Go Home Now"
  7. "When You're Ready"
  8. "I'M Someone Who Loves You"
  9. "So"
  10. "Holidays"
  11. "My Winter Coat"