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"116 halaman yang hilang" adalah laman-laman manuskrip asli yang dikatakan merupakan terjemahan Kitab Lehi dari Joseph Smith, pendiri gerakan Orang-orang Suci Zaman Akhir,[1] bagian pertama dari plakat-plakat emas yang diwahyukan kepadanya oleh seorang malaikat pada 1827. Laman-laman tersebut, yang tak disalin, dihilangkan oleh jurutulis Smith, Martin Harris, pada musim panas 1828 dan mungkin telah dihancurkan. Smith merampungkan Kitab Mormon tanpa menerjemahkan ulang Kitab Lehi, menggantinya dengan apa yang ia katakan sebagai perpendekan yang diambil dar Plakat-Plakat Nefi.[2]

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  1. ^ Along with the Book of Lehi, Royal Skousen, editor of The Book of Mormon Critical Text Project, says that in the printer's manuscript of the Book of Mosiah, the first chapter is listed as Chapter 3. Skousen proposes that all or part of the first two chapters were lost with the 116 pages. Skousen notes that every other book in the Book of Mormon is named for its primary author; but the Book of Mosiah begins with King Benjamin and is not named for him. Also, Mosiah does not begin with an introduction of the author or an explanatory introduction as is typical with other Book of Mormon books but "begins in the middle of things." Skousen speculates that the original first chapter related Mosiah's flight from the land of Nephi to Zarahemla and that the second chapter discussed King Benjamin's early reign and wars.De Groote 2010.
  2. ^ 1 Nephi 1:17.

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