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Pasir putih is a busy sub-district in the center of Jambi City, Sumatera, Indonesia. There are many big stores all along the street. Electronic stores, clothes stores or Boutiques, Food stores or café or restaurants and self-service stored served there. Pasir Putih has many important buildings such as Airport, BMKG office building and tower, and many favorite schools from state schools into private schools. Sultan Thaha Airport Jambi is the one of Airport in jambi province. Now, the government is rebuild the national airport into international airport. BMKG office building and tower is near Sultan Thaha Airport, about 1 km from airport. SDN 78 (elementary school), SMPN 6 (junior high school), and SMK 2 (vocational high school) are the famous states schools there, and SD Puri Indah (elementary school), SMP & SMA EL-MUNDO (junior & senior high school) is the famous private school in Jambi city. Besides important building, Pasir Putih is also has tourism destination about 1 km from Sultan Thaha Airport. In a big land in the center city, the government built zoo, park, and MTQ Arena (area for read Quran competition) in one location. Taman Rimba zoo has many animals, and the famous are Orang Utan, Sumatera Tiger, and elephant. In front of the zoo, there is a park named Taman Rimba Park. In the park, there are many traditional houses from regencies in Jambi province and also there is old temple. Beside the park, there is a big field (MTQ Arena) that use as sport field, meanwhile in 2000s the government built the MTQ Arena to held read Quran Competition. In short, besides Pasir Putih is the one of a busy sub-district in the city center, but Pasir Putih has also tourism destination.