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Bankeray is a thrash metal band from Karanganyar,small town in east Surakarta. Since februari 2006,majid,anton,arko and gendut. About 4years ago at 2006 februuary we met on the beautiful moment in our high school. Karangmojo village, it was name of our village. This village was lie on Karanganyar town. Began from Majid (ex guitariss) that thought for made a band, then there were Anton (bassist) and also Gendhut (ex drummer) that helped Majid to reach it. After that they found Arko Putut (guitarist) to fill rythm. When it, we not yet played metal music moreover "thrash metal music". Then we invited Alta (vocalist) to fill vocal. Since 16th February 2006 our band walked from zero. Honestly, when that time we couldn't play nice music but this fact gave us a motivation to learn and learn again. We enjoyed our learn moment but we had to loose Gendhut (ex Drummer) and his position had changed by Roiz (ex guitarist). "Choro Ngantuk" (sleepy cockroach) it was our band name. A name that not suitable for a band, moreover to metal band. We played music loudly, with screaming and everything that we believe it was metal music and you know we did that, because our few knowledge about metal. And of course when it we didn't yet know what is metal?? For us metal just like Lamb of God (Black Label) and we didn't know our genre music. This situation is so bad... Finally, we considered to change our band name. Name changing did when September 2006. Alta our vocalist thought about name of a tree that lived in Kalimantan. The tree was strong, big, defend from termite, can be shelter place from rain, and can overcome erotion and flood. The tree named was BANKERAY. So it became our inspiration and philosophy to build this band. We have made 5songs and all of our songs have played in our first performance in Karanganyar's front yard. We also have played in other event like music festival. But we couldn't reach our philosophy, we had to lose our member again. He is Majid. We lose the leader of our band because he had to work and some certain reason. Since it, our band walked like other bands. And of course we did activities like other bands example practiced every week. We didn't know when we could play on stage again. But we didn't have link or we didn't know to other band in our region even in other region. And began from that we had new music concept and it different from past (when Majid still with us). Last of 2007 we decided to make a music demo. We made 3songs as there were and with live track. And exactly, making those music helped us to find our genre music (when it we didn't know our genre music). Our activity band was stop and when this same time, Alta decided to out from our band because several reasons and Mido decided to out from our band because he went to Bandung city to his business. God still gave us a chance. When Alta saw a "Hidden Gigs" (a metal event) in Karanganyar, he met Mido. Then when they went home, they were talking about our band. They agreed to build again our band. Finally, 16th January 2009 we started our band activity with some practices. And now we have to show our spirit like musics of Thrash Metal band that we adhered. Spirit fast tempo from Slayer, spirit and trashing from Death Angel,Metallica,Exodus,Overkill, Destruction, Testament, Sodom, Motorhead, Bonded by Blood. Of course we didn't forget about Lamb of God. And the last was In Flames (although that is not Thrash Metal band but this band was a inspirator to Alta for coming back to our band). Now, we have to say Thank to God who gave us a big spirit so we can stand till now. Unfortunately, Roiz (our guitarist) out from our band because his activities in a university. But we found a new energy with good skill to change Roiz's position. His name was Amri. This band can be said "old" but this band consist of several boys that tried to know music. Omen666 movie, it was our inspiration to make a PutraSetan song. And of course there were our spirit of this song. Now, we created 5 new songs (not past demo musics or musics when Majid still with us). And they were recording. We hope this formation can defend and with our spirit we build this band to reach a sky.
Current Member: Alta Karka as Vocal Antonimius Bagaskara as Bass Izman Sebastian as Guitar/Lead Mayhanung Prabangkara as Guitar Arko Putut as Drums
Death Angel,Black sabbath,Slayer,Kiss,Metallica,Testament,Overkill,Boomerang,God Bless,Black Label Society..etc


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