Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas
Logo Wiki-ID.svg
Formation23 June 2013
PurposeCreation, collection, and dissemination of free knowledge
LocationWikiCamp Buaran, Jalan Delima I - 1 No 18, Jakarta Timur,
MembershipOpen for all — Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians
AffiliationsWikimedia Indonesia
Number of volunteers17

Wiki-ID is a community of contributors and readers of Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia which focused in the development and dissemination of Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia's content to broader audience. Wiki-ID held several Wikimeets to gather volunteers and share how to contribute to Wikipedia for new users. Wiki-ID is open both for those who have an account in Wikipedia and those who don not.

Headquarter[sunting sumber]

Three Wikipedians edit article in WikiCamp Buaran

We call our headquarter WikiCamp, located in Jalan Delima I - 1 No 18, Jakarta Timur, with following facilities:

  1. Table and chairs for 20 persons, can hold up to 30 persons without table.
  2. Internet connection for 20 persons and additional 2 portable wifi
  3. Bath room and bed room for edit-a-thon
  4. Kitchen, equiped with stove, refrigrator, etc

WikiCamp on Google Maps: [1] (pointing Buaran Train Station, as a meeting point)

Active members[sunting sumber]

Acitivities[sunting sumber]

Ngewiki Berjamaah – Wiki-a-thon[sunting sumber]

We called this kind of event “Ngewiki-Berjamaah”. In these events, we choose a featured article from Wikipedia English, then translate it together. Each participant will be given a task to translate one or several subsections of the article until the article completed. By doing this, we introduce and impose the concept of collaboration in Wikipedia, and teach new members how to write for Wikipedia in the most informal, enjoyable, yet effective way. We have done this in August and created several articles by the process.

WikiStorming – Sharing and Discussion[sunting sumber]

We called this kind of event “Wiki-Storming”. In these events, participants are encourage to make 2 minutes presentation about one topic (for example, how to increase collaboration in Wikipedia), after which the community will discuss the idea and execute it together. We have done this kind of event in Mei 2013.

WikiSharing – Seminar and workshop[sunting sumber]

In WikiSharing events, we choose speakers and initiate talks on one topic, especially in free culture and free knowledge movement.

Documentation[sunting sumber]

Documentation of all Wiki-ID events and meetups are attached below. Detailed information about the event is available in Indonesian.

23 June 2013 meet-up[sunting sumber]

Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia's 10th anniversary[sunting sumber]

Ngewiki Berjamaah 2013[sunting sumber]

Social Media Festival 2013[sunting sumber]

2 November 2013 meet-up[sunting sumber]

10 November 2013 meet-up[sunting sumber]

16 November 2013 meet-up[sunting sumber]

7 December 2013 meet-up[sunting sumber]

12 January 2014 meet-up[sunting sumber]

19 January 2014 meet-up[sunting sumber]

9 Februari 2014 Meet-up[sunting sumber]