Tokusou Robo Janperson

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特捜ロボ ジャンパーソン
Tokusou Robo Janperson
PembuatShotaro Ishinomori
Saburo Yatsude
PemeranYuichi Komine (suara)
Takahiko Ota
Jun'ichiro Katagiri
Miwa Kanzaki
Yoshinari Torii (suara) (episode 21-50)
Tomoko Kawashima (episode 17-)
Shun Sugata
Kazuoki Takahashi
Atsuko Takahata
Saori Iwama
NaratorBomber Morio (ボンバー森尾, Bonbā Morio)
Penggubah lagu temaKeisuke Hama
Lagu pembukaTokusou Robo Janperson oleh Susumu Oya
Lagu penutupAsayake no Lullaby oleh Susumu Oya
PenggubahKei Wakakusa
NegaraBendera Jepang Jepang
Jumlah episode50
Durasi30 menit per episode
Rumah produksiToei
Jaringan penyiarBendera Jepang TV Asahi, Toei, Asatsu-DK
Bendera Filipina ABS-CBN-2 (1996-97)
SBN-21 (1998-99)
ABC-5 (2000-01)
NBN-4 (2004-05)
Bendera Indonesia Indosiar
Tanggal rilis31 Januari 1993 –
23 Januari 1994

Tokusou Robo Janperson (特捜ロボ ジャンパーソン, Tokusou Robo Janpāson) (Inggris: Special Investigation Robot Janperson) adalah serial tokusatsu yang dibuat oleh Toei. Janperson adalah serial Metal Hero yang ke-12 dari serangkaian serial Metal Hero. Film seri ini ditayangkan TV Asahi dari 31 Januari 1993 hingga 23 Januari 1994. Di Indonesia, serial tokusatsu di Janperson ditayangkan oleh stasiun televisi Indosiar.

Pada versi Amerika Serikat, Janperson membuat kameo di Big Bad Beetleborgs dari Saban Entertainment.

Karakter[sunting | sunting sumber]

Utama[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Janperson (ジャンパーソン, Janpāson) (pengisi suara oleh Yuichi Komine)
  • Gun Gibson (ガンギブソン, Gan Gibuson) (pengisi suara oleh Yoshinari Torii, episode 21-50)
  • Kaoru Saegusa (三枝 かおる, Saegusa Kaoru) (diperankan oleh Tomoko Kawashima, episode 17-)

Senjata[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Flash Card
  • Flash Gun
  • Rocket Punch
  • Baton
  • Flame Thrower
  • Flash Blade
  • Flash Laser
  • Flash Cannon
  • Jan Vulcan

Kendaraan[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Dark Jaycar

Penjahat[sunting | sunting sumber]

Episode[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. The Mysterious New Hero (謎の新英雄!)
  2. We Are Justice! (俺が正義だ!!)
  3. Wanted - Robotic Hero (参上! ロボ狩人)
  4. The Fang Of The Strongest Corps Which Face (牙向く最強軍団)
  5. Enter: Neo-Guild! (飛べ俺の胸に!)
  6. The Frozen Man Who Wanders About (さまよう冷凍男)
  7. As For Me Girl? (ボクは女の子?)
  8. The New Face Of The Hero Whom You Saw (見た英雄の顔!!)
  9. My Father Is An Android! (パパは怪物だ!)
  10. In God Of Luck Carefulness (福の神にご用心)
  11. A Heading Prophecy (弱虫戦士の微笑)
  12. Blood Is More Weightful Than Water (宅配ロボ大騒動)
  13. The Secret of Janperson, Super Ancient Soldier (JPは超古代兵)
  14. Friendship Before The Blasting Sun / Size (爆破寸前の友情)
  15. The Angel Who Throws Away The Wing (翼をすてた天使)
  16. Mystery Of The Golden Bird (熱血ど根性ロボ)
  17. First Opening - JP Base (初公開JP基地)
  18. The Secret Story of Janperson's Birth (JP誕生秘話!!)
  19. Mysterious Thief - Electromagnetic Transmission Burglar (怪盗! 電送魔女)
  20. The Ninja Arts - Your Life Or My Life (忍法デスマッチ)
  21. Challenge - Cancer Gun Gibson, Carol and Neo-Guild Hitman (挑戦! 最強ロボ)
  22. Crash: Janperson versus Gun Gibson (激突JP対GG)
  23. To Die For Justice (正義の為に死す)
  24. The History Upper Beginning - The Enemy Which Cannot Be Pushed Down (史上初倒せぬ敵)
  25. Battle Of The Quickest Gun Fighters - King Decisive Game (早撃ち王決定戦)
  26. The Turbo-Charged Chariot (超速カーバトル)
  27. The True Face Of A Large Leader (大首領の正体!!)
  28. Tree Of Life, Shadow Warrior (ウラメシ大作戦)
  29. Death For The Androids (英雄死すべし!!)
  30. Rupture - Last Soul (爆裂!! 最後の魂)
  31. The birth of a new Janperson model? (新型JP誕生?!)
  32. The Labyrinth From Which It Can't Be Escaped (脱出不能の迷宮)
  33. Ardent Love Man Of Outer Space One (宇宙一の熱愛男)
  34. Good Bye In Intense Fighting (激闘にさよなら)
  35. Reckless Driving Sailor Blouse (暴走セーラー服)
  36. Life It Does Shortly, The Beauty Boy (命短し美少年!)
  37. Justice Vs Love (正義VS愛)
  38. Gun Gibson Scattered About (GG荒野に散る)
  39. Beautiful Woman Secretary Of Hell (地獄の美人秘書)
  40. Target Base - Changing Illusion Crimelord (基地爆破5秒前)
  41. Decision Dead Sphere Of Thrust Trap (突入 罠の決死圏)
  42. In The Heat Of Battle (殴りこみ大脱獄)
  43. The Last Super Fighter (最強最後の超神)
  44. The Queen Who Burns! (燃える女王様!!)
  45. The Road To Death (衝撃! 処刑の街)
  46. NG Last Battle! (NG最終決戦!!)
  47. Puzzle? Storm Of Betrayal (謎?! 裏切りの嵐)
  48. JP Base's Destruction! (JP基地壊滅!!)
  49. When Gun Gibson goes out in Flames (炎に消えたGG)
  50. JanPerson Forever (JPよ永遠に)

Khusus[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Film di Tokusou Robo Janperson
  • Juukou B-Fighter: Episode 52-53

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