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{{terjemah|date=2011}} This template is for competitions with only men's or women's events, e.g. for Monte Carlo, Shanghai, Stockholm/Essen/Stuttgart/Madrid and Paris. For mixed competitions, e.g. for Indian Wells, Miami, Rome, Canada and Cincinnati, please use Templat:TennisEvents instead. For Grand Slams, please use Templat:GrandSlamEvents. For the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships and the Cellular South Cup, please use Templat:TennisEvents3.

Penggunaan[sunting sumber]

 | defchamp = 
 | champ  = 
 | runner = 
 | score  = 


  • When noting doubles events, after the "|" after "tournament", put: "s|" (that is not the letter l, but the character | found by pushing shift and slash) to add an s to runner-up and champion fields.
  • After the {{TennisEvents|(not the letter l), enter the year of the tournament. The | (not the letter l) after that, enter the tournament name. After that | (not the letter l) is when the s should be entered, need be. Regardless, add a | (not the letter l) after the s or the tournament field when an s isn't used. Do not put these fields in [[]]. When entering the US Open, check to see whether the US has periods after the U and S or not, and enter it the way that it appears.
  • The defending champ field is where you enter {{flagicon| and the three-letter code or the name of the country where the previous year's champion or champions is/are from and then enter }} and a space, ', the player's name and then '. If it is a team, enter <br> and do the same as this bullet for the other player's name.
  • Do the same as defending champ for champ and runner except the country of the runner up and the name of the runner up instead of that of the champion's.
  • For score, enter the score that the champion beat the runner-up.

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