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These templates ({{Tanggal mulai}} and {{End date}}) return a date, or date-time, duplicated in a hidden ISO date format, which degrades gracefully when CSS is not available.


{{Tanggal mulai|year|month|day}}
{{Tanggal mulai|year|month|day|HH|MM|SS|TimeZone}} (MM and SS are optional; TimeZone may be a numerical value, or "Z" for UTC; see examples)


{{End date|year|month|day}}


{{Tanggal mulai|1993}} returns "1993 (1993)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2}} returns "Februari 1993 (1993-02)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24}} returns "24 Februari 1993 (1993-02-24)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|30}} returns "08:30, 24 Februari 1993 (1993-02-24T08:30)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|||+01:00}} returns "24 Februari 1993 (+01:00) (1993-02-24T08+01:00)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|||-07:00}} returns "24 Februari 1993 (-07:00) (1993-02-24T08-07:00)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|30|23}} returns "08:30:23, 24 Februari 1993 (1993-02-24T08:30:23)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|30|23|Z}} returns "08:30:23, 24 Februari 1993 (UTC) (1993-02-24T08:30:23Z)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|30|23|+01:00}} returns "08:30:23, 24 Februari 1993 (+01:00) (1993-02-24T08:30:23+01:00)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|30|23|-07:00}} returns "08:30:23, 24 Februari 1993 (-07:00) (1993-02-24T08:30:23-07:00)"
{{End date|1993|2|24}} returns "24 Februari 1993 (1993-2-24)"
{{End date|1993|2|24|08|30}} returns "08:30, 24 Februari 1993 (1993-2-24T08:30)"

An optional parameter, df, can be set to "yes" to display the day before the month. This is primarily used in articles about events in parts of the world where the day precedes the month in a date.


{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|df=yes}} returns "24 Februari 1993 (1993-02-24)"
{{Tanggal mulai|1993|2|24|08|30|df=yes}} returns "08:30, 24 Februari 1993 (1993-02-24T08:30)"
{{End date|1993|2|24|df=yes}} returns "24 Februari 1993 (1993-2-24)"

(users who have already set date preferences will need to be logged out to see the difference).

{{Tanggal mulai}} also returns the date, hidden by CSS, in the ISO 8601 format needed by hAtom (class="updated") and hCalendar (class="dtstart") microformats. Similarly, {{End date}} returns the date as hCalendar's (class="dtend"). For example:

(<span class="dtstart updated">1993-02-24</span>) and (<span class="dtstart updated">1993-02-24T08:30</span>)


(<span class="dtend">1993-02-24T08:30</span>)

(disable CSS or view source to see the ISO-formatted output).

'Note: due to the requirement exclusive "dtend" in hCalendar, the Date end template should not be used for whole-day dates and should have a time of 23:59:59.

See the microformats project for details.

Note: The template will appear broken when the parameters are left blank (as seen above).

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