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Usage[sunting sumber]


This template is used to display a small flag and name of a country, with a wikilink to the country's page for the specified multi-sport event.

  • code is an International Olympic Committee country code (see List of IOC country codes).
  • games is a string of the form <year> <games>, or just <games>. The intent is that this template can be used from medal tables and event result tables to point to the right country page. Also, the correct historical flag is chosen based on this string, for countries that had different flags in the past.
  • athletes is the number of athletes that the nation contributed to the specific Olympics. It is an optional argument, and will render a small (#) after the nation's name.
  • univ applies only to the use of this template for Chinese Taipei at any Universiade games, to make sure that the Universiade flag for TPE shows.

Examples[sunting sumber]

  • {{flagIOC2|CHN|Pesta Olahraga Asia}} Tiongkok
  • {{flagIOC2|CHN|Pesta Olahraga Pantai Asia 2008}} Tiongkok
  • {{flagIOC2|HKG|Pesta Olahraga Asia 1954}} →  Hong Kong (Uses historical flag)
  • {{flagIOC2|JPN|Pesta Olahraga Dalam Ruangan Asia 2009|100}} Jepang (100)

flagIOC / flagIPC [sunting sumber]

  • {{flagIOC|USA}} Amerika Serikat
  • {{flagIOC|GER|Musim Dingin}} Jerman
  • {{flagIOC|ESP|Musim Panas 2004}} Spanyol
  • {{flagIOC|CAN|Musim Dingin 2006}} Kanada
  • {{flagIOC|CAN|Musim Dingin 1924}} Kanada (Uses historical flag)
  • {{flagIOC|GRE|Musim Panas 2004|441}} Yunani (441)

flagCGF[sunting sumber]

flagSEAGF[sunting sumber]

  •  {{flagSEAGF|VIE|1973}} Vietnam (Uses historical flag)
  • {{flagSEAGF|MAS|1961}} Malaya
  • {{flagSEAGF|MYA|2013}} Myanmar
  • {{FlagSEAGF|VIE|2015|400}} Vietnam (400)

Others[sunting sumber]

  • {{flagOCA|CHN}} Tiongkok
  •  {{flagOCA|CHN|2010}} Tiongkok
  •  {{flagPASO|COL|2011}} Kolombia
  • {{flagPASO|BRA|2011|590}} Brasil (590)
  •  {{flagCAC|MEX|2010}} Meksiko
  • {{flagIWGA|JPN|2017}} Jepang
  •  {{flagEOC|ISR|2015}} Israel
  • {{flagAFOC|EGY|2015}} Mesir
  • {{flagCIJM|ITA|2018}} Italia
  •  {{flagFISU|FRA|2019}} Prancis

Supporting templates[sunting sumber]

  • The country name is supplied by {{Country alias|AAA}} where AAA is an IOC country code
  • The flag image name is supplied by {{country alias}}

Lihat pula[sunting sumber]

Gaya parparan → Nama negara Negara (kod) Atlet (negara) Atlet
Kod negara
Olimpiade {{FlagIOC}} {{FlagIOCteam}} {{FlagIOCathlete}} {{FlagIOCmedalist}} {{FlagIOCshort}}
Sukan lain {{FlagIOC2}} {{FlagIOC2team}} {{FlagIOC2athlete}} {{FlagIOC2medalist}} {{FlagIOC2short}}
Paralimpiade {{FlagIPC}} {{FlagIPCteam}} {{FlagIPCathlete}} {{FlagIPCmedalist}} {{FlagIPCshort}}
Olahraga Amerika {{FlagPASO}} {{FlagPASOteam}} {{FlagPASOathlete}} {{FlagPASOmedalisy}}
Parapan Amerika {{FlagPPASO}}
Pesta Olahraga Persemakmuran {{FlagCGF}} {{FlagCGFteam}} {{FlagCGFathlete}} {{FlagCGFmedalist}}
Asia Tenggara {{FlagSEAGF}} {{FlagSEAGFteam}} {{FlagSEAGFmedalist}}
Pesta Olahraga Dunia {{FlagIWGA}}
Pesta Olahraga Amerika Tengah dan Caribbean {{FlagCAC}}
Pesta Olahraga Asia {{FlagOCA}}
Generic {{Flag}} {{Flagteam}} {{Flagathlete}} {{Flagmedalist}}
Generic (varian) {{Flaglink}} {{flaglink}} {{flagmedalist}}

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