Swamp Gold

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Swamp Gold
Album studio karya Freddy Fender
Dirilis 1978
Label ABC Records

Swamp Gold adalah album penyanyi Freddy Fender. Album ini dirilis tahun 1978 oleh ABC Records.

Daftar lagu[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. The Clock
  2. She's About A Mover
  3. When It Rains It Really Pours
  4. It's Raining
  5. I'm Leaving It All Up To You
  6. Tell It Like It Is
  7. My Tears Are Falling Tonight Love
  8. Talk To Me
  9. These Arms Of Mine
  10. Breaking Up Is Hard [To Do]
  11. We've Got To Stop And Think It Over
  12. Graduation Night (As You Pass Me By)
  13. I'm Asking Forgiveness
  14. Just A Moment Of Your Time
  15. Please Mr. Sandman