Shut Up and Dance

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Shut Up and Dance: The Dance Mixes
Album remix oleh Paula Abdul
Dirilis 8 Mei 1990
Direkam 1988
Genre Remix
Label Virgin
Kronologi Paula Abdul
Forever Your Girl (1988) Shut Up And Dance: The Dance Mixes (1990) Spellbound (1991)
Singel dari album Shut Up and Dance: The Dance Mixes
  1. 1990 Medley mix
    Dirilis: 1990

Shut Up and Dance: The Dance Mixes adalah album kedua yang dirilis oleh penyanyi Paula Abdul. Album ini dirilis pada tanggal 8 Mei 1990.

Daftar lagu[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. "Cold Hearted" (Quiverin' 12")
  2. "Straight Up" (Ultimix mix)
  3. "One or the Other" (1990 mix) - by Keith Cohen
  4. "Forever Your Girl" (Frankie Foncett mix)
  5. "Knocked Out" (Pettibone 12")
  6. "(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me" (Houseafire edit)
  7. "Opposites Attract" (1990 mix)
  8. "1990 Medley mix" - by Chris Cox for Hot Tracks remix service
on the UK import:
  1. "Knocked Out" (Power mix) - UK rerelease only
  2. "Opposites Attract" (Shep's Special mix) - as above
  3. "Forever Your Girl" (Shep's Special mix) - as above
  4. "Cold Hearted" (Chad Jackson 12" remix) - as above