Piet Hein

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Piet Hein
Piet Hein and H.C. Andersen (cropped).jpg
Piet Hein (Kumbel) di depan patung H.C. Andersen, Kongens Have, Copenhagen
Lahir(1905-12-16)16 Desember 1905
Copenhagen, Denmark
Meninggal17 April 1996(1996-04-17) (umur 90)
Funen, Denmark
Dikenal atasTeka-teki, syair

Piet Hein (16 Desember 1905 – 17 April 1996) adalah seorang polimatik, matematikawan, penemu, perancang, pengarang dan penyiar asal Denmark, yang seringkali menulis dengan pseudonim Norse Lama Kumbel, yang artinya "batu nisan". Puisi pendeknya, yang dikenal sebagai gruks atau grooks (bahasa Denmark: gruk), mula-mula tampil dalam surat kabar harian Politiken tak lama setelah pendudukan Denmark oleh Jerman pada April 1940 dengan pseudonim "Kumbel Kumbell".[1] Ia juga menciptakan kubus Soma dan permainan papan Hex.

Catatan[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. ^ piethein.com Diarsipkan 4 August 2010 di Wayback Machine. "For a long time they appeared under the signature Kumbel Kumbell. Here is the reason why: Piet is the Dutch form of the name Peter or Petrus, which means rock, stone, and Hein is a way of spelling 'hen', the old Danish word for a whetstone. 'Kumbel', or 'kumbl' as it strictly speaking should be written, also means stone, though more a grave monument. In other words, Piet Hein, or Stone Stone can, in a way, be translated by Kumbel Kumbel. He originally wrote the second word with two Ls, also later the signature became just Kumbel – the name he is at least as well known by as his own."

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