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Admin request[sunting sumber]

User:Timmanuella left a note at to request that an admin from this Wikipedia look at this article: Devie Rahmawati. Whatamidoing (WMF) (bicara) 18 Februari 2016 17.02 (UTC)

Hatta[sunting sumber]

I'm from the Netherlands and I'm trying to update the Dutch Wikipedia-article about Mohammad Hatta. Your article states: "lahir dengan nama Mohammad Athar". What does it mean? The Dutch article states (translated) "He was born as Mohammad Athar", but this sentence was recently deleted. – komentar tanpa tanda tangan oleh Robb (bk) .

@Robb: The sentence "lahir dengan nama Mohammad Athar" (in Indonesian) is translated as "he was born as Mohammad Athar". So it is correct translation. ··· 👦 Rachmat04 · 💬 10 Maret 2016 13.51 (UTC)
@Rachmat04: Thank you for the quick answer. – komentar tanpa tanda tangan oleh Robb (bk) .

Lawai - translation[sunting sumber]

Hello, Could anybody send to a quick/raw translation of the head/begining of the Lawai’s page ? If you do send a translation, I will write a page about Lawai in French and in English. It is important because of Marco Polo's Lochac Revisited, p. 96. Regards. Valp (bicara) 27 Maret 2016 19.00 (UTC)

Vandalism that needs reverting.[sunting sumber]

Can someone please remove the incorrect death dates from Putera Sampoerna and Primus Yustisio. --Racklever (bicara) 6 Juni 2016 08.49 (UTC)

@Racklever: Done. Thanks for letting us know. Muhraz (bicara) 6 Juni 2016 21.35 (UTC)

Did not edit Indonesian Wikipedia but got welcome page[sunting sumber]

Hi, I'm Mistakefinder. I did not make any edits in Indonesian (since I don't speak it), plus a couple other language, but got a welcome page notification. What's going on? Mistakefinder (bicara) 25 Juni 2016 00.21 (UTC)

Hello @Mistakefinder:, sorry for the confusion. Everyone is welcomed here (by bot :>), after they joined, because we're trying to reduce the number of test edits, by giving them links to be read before their first edit. Hope it explains. ꦱꦭꦩ꧀Bennylin dialog 19 Juli 2016 - 10:50 WIB

Indonesian heritage on Wikimedia Commons and event in Jakarta[sunting sumber]


About one year ago, the Atlas of Mutual Heritage database ( put a great amount of its material on Wikimedia Commons for everyone to use: . A great part of this material can be considered Indonesian heritage. Although the material has thusfar found its way to a lot of Wikipedia pages in many languages, it has had only a limited reach on Indonesian Wikipedia.

I would therefore very much like to recommend the use of this material to Indonesian Wikipedians! I would therefore be thankful to be brought into contact with Wikipedians interested in maps, mutual heritage, and history.

Also, the Atlas of Mutual Heritage, together with Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur in Jakarta, is organizing an event about the digitization of heritage and its use and distribution. I include a link to the event on Facebook here:

Should anyone from the Indonesian Wikipedia community be interested in joining, they would be extremely welcome.

Kind regards,

Gerritdeveer1597 (bicara) 15 Juli 2016 10.07 (UTC)

Thanks for the information! I've posted it to our FB group. ꦱꦭꦩ꧀Bennylin bicara 19 Juli 2016 - 11:04 WIB 19 Juli 2016 04.04 (UTC)

LTA mengenai Indonesia[sunting sumber]

Hi, apologies for not speaking the native language - we've had a number of editors register for the English Wikipedia which appear to be connected to "LTA mengenai Indonesia". They've not edited yet but we've made a list of them here (English). The local blocking admin was @Bonaditya: I imagine these editors should also be blocked on the English Wikipedia? Samtar (bicara) 18 Juli 2016 12.14 (UTC)

@Samtar: Hi, sorry for long respond. I think admin on en.wp can block that users, because I'm afraid that users will make same pattern vandal type (like in here) on en.wp. Regards. — Bonaditya (bicara) 18 Juli 2016 12.32 (UTC)
@Bonaditya: no worries, thank you very much for replying :) hopefully we can stop that from happening! Samtar (bicara) 18 Juli 2016 12.34 (UTC)

Resources requests from Chinese Wikipedia[sunting sumber]

Greetings from Chinese Wikipedia. My Indonesian is too bad to present such a request in warung kopi, and there is yet to have a Perpustakaan Wikipedia. So please don't mind for making a resource request there: Presently I'm working on a draft for Adam Malik's article in Chinese, and facing great hardships in finding some resources. The part is about his family, particularly on his wife. There were two blog posts seems to copied from newspaper articles on Kompas and The Jakarta Post (1, 2), but nothing can I found on their websites or website archives.) Thus I would like to ask editors in Indonesia (and having access to these newspapers' online versions) to help me to retrieve original reports on this. I work in Wikipedia bahasa Tiongkok most of the time, so please ping me there (I would be notified if so) or left me replies to my talkpages in either Wikipedia bahasa Tiongkok/Inggris for replies. Terima kasih, --春卷柯南 (bicara) 28 Juli 2016 12.57 (UTC)

Project The Netherlands and the world[sunting sumber]

Wood carvings from Bali at the pasar malam in Surabaya - 1905-1906. Image from KITLV, Leiden.

Hi everyone! I apologize for posting this message in English.
Wikimedia Nederland has recently started the international project The Netherlands and the world (project page on In this project, we want to stimulate the exchange of information and media on Wikimedia projects, about 'shared heritage' between the Netherlands and those regions and countries with which the Netherlands has historical ties. And of course this includes Indonesia.

I'm announcing this project here, because we are welcoming all kinds of input for it.

  • Are you an active Wikimedian who regularly works on this topic, and do you have any questions or requests for information or content? We have a requests page especially for that. Feel free to post all your questions there. You can also get in touch with me directly.
  • We're creating an international project group of Wikimedia volunteers who want to actively participate in this project. It is still very open to all input and ideas. If you are interested in the project, feel free to leave your signature on the project page on meta, or to contact me directly.
  • Any other questions or remarks can be posted here, or at the project's talk page on meta.

Thanks! Spinster (bicara) 22 Agustus 2016 08.29 (UTC)

I would like to translate contents on Indonesia into Catalan and Spanish[sunting sumber]

Hi there, Embassy! This is a Catalan married to an Indonesian, living in Yogyakarta. I would like to translate contents on Indonesia into Catalan and Spanish, because of their lack into the languages which I am bilingual. Because I am a Catalan, Catalan is my mother tongue, and I have a bilingual level of Spanish. I hope you can give me a hand and have patience with me, as I would do this in my free time, so that I can make them reachable to Spanish and Catalan population, and also improve my knowledge of Indonesia, improve my level of Indonesian. Greetings from Yogya! Vicky Lara

Material on Indonesia on newly launched Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform[sunting sumber]

Dear Wikimedians,

(My apologies for posting this message in English)

We would like to draw your attention to the newly launched Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform. Dutch cultural heritage institutions have large collections on non-European countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Ghana, Suriname, South Africa, and others. The Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform aims to make these collections available to the Wikimedia community.

Key properties are: (1) Dutch heritage institutions can post (parts of) their collections that are relevant to non-European countries; and (2) Wikimedia contributors can make requests for specific materials.

Recent postings include material on Indonesia, which may be of particular interest to your language community.

Feel free to browse the platform. See the Help page for information on how to use the platform. We welcome any suggestions or comments here or on the project page of The Netherlands and the World! Best, AWossink (bicara) 28 Maret 2017 12.36 (UTC)

Wiki Loves Pride featured picture drive[sunting sumber]

Men kissing in IKEA.jpg

Comments and feedback on the planned international LGBT+ Wiki Loves Pride featured picture drive are welcome on the discussion page, see link.

The competition encourages high quality photographs from Pride events and other LGBT+ cultural related images to be released to Wikimedia Commons. The goal is to see a jump in the numbers of LGBT+ cultural related photographs nominated for Featured Picture status on all Wikimedia projects.

Help is needed to prepare a banner in Indonesian! See banner translations.

Thank you! -- (bicara) 23 April 2017 12.51 (UTC)

General C.A. de Brauw - Expeditions Bali 1849[sunting sumber]

I am doing research for writing a book about my great-great grandfather, Cornelis Albert de Brauw. He - a military man - was born in Holland in 1809 and died at Padang February 21st 1862.[his wife died the following day]. He participated in different operations and I am interested in communicating with someone in Indonesia who can write in English. Thanks very much for reading this message,

Evert Krol Born - Holland

Hello[sunting sumber]

Hi there Paul Carpenter 74 (bicara) 20 Oktober 2017 10.49 (UTC)

WikiScienceCompetition 2017[sunting sumber]

Hi! Wiki Science Competition has started, sitenotices have appeared for sure in Spain, Austria, Russian Federation, USA and Ukraine, and Italy will be join very soon with a massive national campaign.

As a member of the academic committee I did my best to reduce the gap between countries both in the composition of the juries and now in the outreach. I did inform many platforms (enwiki, eswiki, frwiki) during the preparation of the event, now I am informing all national institutions, associations and federations of science and technology I can contact, especially those located in countries without national juries (including Indonesia), I am posting notes on LinkedIn groups everyday, and I am contacting national chapters and user groups... and so on. That's why I am here.

We prepared banners for many countries but on meta they say it is not wise to use them all, so if you want to use the style and do one here on your wiki for few days, just let us know. In your case the banner is not country-specific so it is generic.

Otherwise, if you have social media and you want to inform your friends and colleagues, the twitter hashtags are #WSC2017, #WikiScience2017, #WikiScience

Thank you in advance and whatever you do (join, inform, ignore) have fun!--Alexmar983 (bicara) 4 November 2017 07.07 (UTC)

Lonely German Visitor in Bekasi/Jakarta[sunting sumber]

Salamat malam, dear indonesian Wikipedians! I'm the German wikipedia user/writer [Gfis], and I currently teach the Java programming language in Bekasi. I will stay here until Nov 29th noon. I would be interested in meeting with Wikipedians in Jakarta, but I have only time on

  • Wed. Nov 22nd, evening
  • Sunday Nov 26th, whole day
  • Mon. Nov 27th, evening
  • Tue. Nov 28th, evening

Sorry, but I speak 8 words of indonesian at the maximum. If you are interested in a meeting, please tell me exactly where I should come and when. I'm a bit familiar with the Transjakarta busses, and I can also start at the Bekasi train station around 17 o'clock. BTW, I'm 70 years old. Best regards Gfis (bicara) 21 November 2017 13.27 (UTC)

Wrong name article with little notability[sunting sumber]

Hello! I'm from Japanese Wikipedia. I was asked by English Wikipedia user to survey whether Marcos Tiago Bernard Rodriguez is a real peason, because this article in English was created by "Japan Football", the blocked user describing many false info. I find that he is a real person, but his full name is wrong (see en:User talk:ElfLady64#Marcos Tiago Bernard Rodriguez). His Indonesian article maybe also be created by the same person, because the user name is very similar. I want to propose it for deletion because it is next to impossible to establish his notability, or change its name at least. I need help! --SilverSpeech (bicara) 23 Februari 2018 09.15 (UTC)