Pembalasan pembebasan Dachau

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Para prajurit dari U.S. Seventh Army menjaga para tahanan SS di sebuah ladang batubara di kamp konsentrasi Dachau pada masa pembebasannya. 29 April 1945 (foto Angkatan Darat Amerika Serikat)[Note 1]

Pada pembalasan pembebasan Dachau,[Note 2] pasukan SS Jerman dibunuh oleh para prajurit AS dan para tahanan kamp konsentrasi di kamp konsentrasi Dachau pada 29 April 1945, pada Perang Dunia II. Tak jelas berapa jumlah pasukan SS yang dibunuh dalam insiden tersebut namun diperkirakan berjumlah sekitar 35–50..[1]

Catatan[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. ^ The caption for the photograph in the U.S. National Archives reads, "SC208765, Soldiers of the 42nd Infantry Division, U.S. Seventh Army, order SS men to come forward when one of their number tried to escape from the Dachau, Germany, concentration camp after it was captured by U.S. forces. Men on the ground in background feign death by falling as the guards fired a volley at the fleeing SS men. (157th Regt. 4/29/45)."
  2. ^ The incident at Dachau does not meet the legal definition of reprisal, an illegal act conducted to dissuade an enemy nation from performing its own illegal acts. The massacre was not officially sanctioned by the US military or government, and there was no explicit intention for the actions of US troops there to have a political effect on the enemy's conduct.

Referensi[sunting | sunting sumber]

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