O. W. Wolters

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Oliver William Wolters
Lahir(1915-06-08)8 Juni 1915
Reading, England
Meninggal5 Desember 2000(2000-12-05) (umur 85)
Warga negaraBritish
AlmamaterOxford University (BA, 1937)
SOAS (PhD, 1961)
Karier ilmiah
InstitusiCornell University
Pembimbing doktoralD.G.E. Hall
Mahasiswa ternamaBarbara Watson Andaya, Leonard Andaya, Reynaldo Ileto, Charnvit Kasetsiri‎, Craig Reynolds, M. C. Ricklefs, Shiraishi Takashi
TerinspirasiGeorge Coedès

Oliver William Wolters OBE (8 Juni 1915 – 5 Desember 2000) adalah seorang cendekiawan, sejarawan dan penulis Inggris.[1] Dia juga sempat menjadi pegawai negeri Malaysia. Saat meninggal, dia adalah dosen emeritus di bidang sejarah Asia Tenggara di Goldwin Smith di Cornell University.[2]

Karya[sunting | sunting sumber]

In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about O. W. Wolters, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 20+ works in 90+ publications in 4 languages and 2,200+ library holdings.[3]

  • The Khmer King at Basan (1371-1373) and the Restoration of the Cambodian Chronology during the 14th and 15th Centuries (1965)
  • Early Indonesian Commerce: a Study of the Origins of Srĭvijaya. (1962)
  • Some Reflections on the Subject of Ayudhyā and the World (1967)
  • Southeast Asian History and Historiography: Essays Presented to D.G.E. Hall (1976)
  • History, Culture and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives (1982)
  • The Fall of Śrīvijaya in Malay History (1970)
  • Culture and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives (1982)
  • Two essays on Đại-Việt in the Fourteenth Century (1988)
  • Perdagangan awal Indonesia: satu kajian asal usul kerajaan Srivijaya (1989)
  • Early Southeast Asia: Selected Essays (2008)
  • Monologue, Dialogue, and Tran Vietnam (2009)

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