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Oliver William Wolters
Lahir (1915-06-08)8 Juni 1915
Reading, England
Meninggal 5 Desember 2000(2000-12-05) (umur 85)
Warga negara British
Alma mater Oxford University (BA, 1937)
SOAS (PhD, 1961)
Karier ilmiah
Bidang History
Institusi Cornell University
Pembimbing doktoral D.G.E. Hall
Mahasiswa ternama Barbara Watson Andaya, Leonard Andaya, Reynaldo Ileto, Charnvit Kasetsiri‎, Craig Reynolds, M. C. Ricklefs, Shiraishi Takashi
Terinspirasi George Coedès

Oliver William Wolters OBE (8 Juni 1915 – 5 Desember 2000) adalah seorang cendekiawan, sejarawan dan penulis Inggris.[1] Dia juga sempat menjadi pegawai negeri Malaysia. Saat meninggal, dia adalah dosen emeritus di bidang sejarah Asia Tenggara di Goldwin Smith di Cornell University.[2]

Karya[sunting | sunting sumber]

In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about O. W. Wolters, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 20+ works in 90+ publications in 4 languages and 2,200+ library holdings.[3]

  • The Khmer King at Basan (1371-1373) and the Restoration of the Cambodian Chronology during the 14th and 15th Centuries (1965)
  • Early Indonesian Commerce: a Study of the Origins of Srĭvijaya. (1962)
  • Some Reflections on the Subject of Ayudhyā and the World (1967)
  • Southeast Asian History and Historiography: Essays Presented to D.G.E. Hall (1976)
  • History, Culture and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives (1982)
  • The Fall of Śrīvijaya in Malay History (1970)
  • Culture and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives (1982)
  • Two essays on Đại-Việt in the Fourteenth Century (1988)
  • Perdagangan awal Indonesia: satu kajian asal usul kerajaan Srivijaya (1989)
  • Early Southeast Asia: Selected Essays (2008)
  • Monologue, Dialogue, and Tran Vietnam (2009)

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