Jerry Finn

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Jerry Finn
Nama lahir Jerry Finn
Lahir 31 Maret 1969
Meninggal 21 Agustus 2008 (umur 39)
Genre Punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk
Pekerjaan Produser rekaman
Tahun aktif 1993–2008
Artis terkait Blink-182, AFI, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio, Morrissey, MxPx, Rancid, +44, Tiger Army, Green Day, The Vandals, The Offspring, Bad Religion

Jerry Finn (lahir 31 Maret 1969 – meninggal 21 Agustus 2008 pada umur 39 tahun) adalah seorang produser rekaman asal Amerika Serikat. Dia dikenal atas ahsil kerjanya dengan Blink-182, ditambah dengan Morrissey, AFI, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, MxPx, Rancid, Green Day, Sum 41 dan The Offspring.[1][2]

Kematian[sunting | sunting sumber]

Setelah menderita pendarahan otak pada Juli 2008, Finn dibawa ke rumah sakit pada 9 Agustus 2008 setelah tidak sadarkan diri dan jatuh koma.[3] Finn meninggal pada 21 Agustus 2008.[4] Pada saat dia mengalami pendarahan, dia baru saja menyelesaikan produksi album baru Morrissey, Years of Refusal.[5]

Di blog pribadinya, Mark Hoppus menyatakan

I’m sitting here now and I don’t even know what to type. I’m at a loss for words. Nothing I can say will come close to describing what an amazing human being Jerry was. His talent, his laughter, his love of life. Every day I spent with Jerry over the past ten years I feel like he taught me something new about music, or recording, or life. I think everyone who knew Jerry would say the same thing. I feel blessed to have worked with and learned so much from him, but most of all I am honored to call him my dear friend. Jerry, I miss you already.

Dan dalam wawancara dengan Xfm pada 13 Februari 2009, Morrissey mengatakan:

His death was astonishing because it was very quick. He had a massive brain hemorrhage followed by a massive heart attack, and he was 39 years old. It was very sad because a few weeks earlier to this we were at his house, listening to the playback [of Years of Refusal] and everyone was very happy. And suddenly he had the brain hemorrhage. I was with him for the last few weeks of his life and it was terribly sad. But the lesson for all of us is that this doesn't last forever.

Hasil kerja[sunting | sunting sumber]

Artis Album Keterangan Tahun
Green Day Dookie Mixing 1994
The Muffs Blonder and Blonder Teknisi dan mixing 1995
Pennywise About Time Produser
Rancid ...And Out Come the Wolves Produser
Jawbreaker Dear You Mixing
Green Day Insomniac Mixing
Fastball Make Your Mama Proud Produser 1996
Daredevils "Hate You" (singel) Produser
Smoking Popes Destination Failure Produser 1997
Coward Self-Titled Produser
Superdrag Head Trip in Every Key Produser 1998
Rancid Life Won't Wait Mixing
The Vandals Hitler Bad, Vandals Good Mixing
The Living End The Living End Mixing
Liars Inc. Superjaded Mixing
Blink-182 Enema of the State Produser 1999
Madness Universal Madness Mixing
Fenix*TX Fenix*TX Produser
Blink-182 The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) Produser 2000
MxPx The Ever Passing Moment Produser
Marvelous 3 ReadySexGo! Produser
Fenix*TX Lechuza Produser 2001
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler Produser
Alkaline Trio From Here to Infirmary Mixing
Blink-182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Produser
Green Day International Superhits Co-produced
Bad Religion The Process of Belief Mixing 2002
Box Car Racer Box Car Racer Produser
MxPx Ten Years and Running Produser
Sparta Wiretap Scars Produser
Vendetta Red Between the Never and the Now Produser 2003
AFI Sing the Sorrow Co-produced dan mixing
Alkaline Trio Good Mourning Co-produced dan mixing
Blink-182 Blink-182 Produser
Morrissey You Are the Quarry Produser 2004
Marjorie Fair Self Help Serenade Produser
The Vandals Hollywood Potato Chip Mixing
Eisley Room Noises Mixing 2005
The Offspring Greatest Hits Produser
Alkaline Trio Crimson Produser
Blink-182 Greatest Hits Produser
AFI Decemberunderground Produser 2006
+44 When Your Heart Stops Beating Co-produced dan mixing
Tiger Army Music from Regions Beyond Produser 2007
Morrissey Greatest Hits Produser 2008
Morrissey Years of Refusal Produser 2009

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