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Raoul Walsh: Perbedaan antara revisi

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Tag: BP2014
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Tag: BP2014
Walsh memulai karirnya dengan ikut berlayar dengan pamannya dengan Kapal dagang ke Kuba pada tahun [[1903]]. Kemudian pernah menjadi Wrangler Kuda di Meksiko pada tahun 1903-1904.<ref name="inter"/> Pada tahun [[1904]] sampai tahun [[1910]], dia bekerja di berbagai bidang di Amerika Serikat, termasuk menjadi asisten dokter bedah.<ref name="inter"/> Baru pada tahun 1910, dia menjadi actor koboi untuk Pathe Studio, di New Jersey.<ref name="inter"/> Pada tahun 1912, menjadi actor dan asisten D.W. Griffith, di Hollywood.<ref name="inter"/> Pada tahun 1916, Ia menjadi direktur William Fox.<ref name="inter"/> Ia memperkenalkan John Wayne sebagai aktor fitur dalam The Big Trail, pada tahun 1930.<ref name="inter"/> Setelahnya dia menjadi direktur untuk berbagai studio, akhirnya dia pensiun ke peternakan pada tahun 1964.<ref name="inter"/>
Film yang didirekturi adalah sebagai berikut:<ref name="inter"/>
# 1912 The Life of General Villa, Outlaw's Revenge
#1913 The Double Knot; The Mystery of the Hindu Image; The Gunman
#1914 The Final Verdict; The Bowery
#1915 The Regeneration; Carmen; The Death Dice; His Return; The Greaser; The Fencing Master; A Man for All That; 11:30 P.M.; The Buried Hand; The Celestial Code; A Bad Man and Others; Home from the Sea ; The Lone Cowboy;
#1916 Blue Blood and Red; The Serpent; Pillars of Society
#1917 The Honor System ; The Silent Lie ; The Innocent Sinner; Betrayed; The Conqueror; This Is the Life
#1918 Pride of New York; The Woman and the Law The Prussian Cur; On the Jump; I'll Say So
#1919 Should a Husband Forgive; Evangeline; Every Mother's Son
#1920 The Strongest; The Deep Purple; From Now On
#1921 The Oath; Serenade
#1923 Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (Passions of the Sea); Kindred of the Dust
#1924 The Thief of Bagdad
#1925 East of Suez; The Spaniard; The Wanderer
#1926 The Lucky Lady; The Lady of the Harem; What Price Glory
#1927 The Monkey Talks; The Loves of Carmen
#1928 Sadie Thompson; The Red Dance ; Me Gangster
#1929 In Old Arizona; The Cock-eyed World; Hot for Paris
#1930 The Big Trail
#1931 The Man Who Came Back ; Women of all Nations ; The Yellow Ticket
#1932 Wild Girl ; Me and My Gal
#1933 Sailor's Luck ; The Bowery ; Going Hollywood
#1935 Under Pressure ; Baby Face Harrington ; Every Night at Night
#1936 Klondike Annie ; Big Brown Eyes; Spendthrift
#1937 O.H.M.S. (You're in the Army Now); When Thief Meets Thief ; Artists and Models ; Hitting a New High
#1938 College Swing
#1939 St. Louis Blues ; The Roaring Twenties
#1940 The Dark Command; They Drive by Night
#1941 High Sierra ; The Strawberry Blonde ; Manpower ; They Died with Their Boots On
#1942 Desperate Journey ; Gentleman Jim
#1943 Background to Danger ; Northern Pursuit
#1944 Uncertain Glory ; San Antonio; Salty O'Rourke ; The Horn Blows at Midnight
#1946 The Man I Love
#1947 Pursued ; Cheyenne ; Stallion Road
#1948 Silver River ; Fighter Squadron ; One Sunday Afternoon
#1949 Colorado Territory ; White Heat
#1950 The Enforcer; Montana
#1951 Along the Great Divide ; Captain Horatio Hornblower ; Distant Drums
#1952 The World in His Arms ; The Lawless Breed ; Blackbeard the Pirate
#1953 Sea Devils ; A Lion in the Streets ; Gun Fury
#1954 Saskatchewan
#1955 Battle Cry ; The Tall Men
#1956 The Revolt of Mamie Stover ; The King and Four Queens
#1957 Band of Angels
#1958 The Naked and the Dead ; The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
#1959 A Private's Affair
#1960 Esther and the King
#1961 Marines, Let's Go
#1964 A Distant Trumpet 2
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