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'''Ainy Fauziyah''', ({{born in Bangkil, [[Pasuruan]], [[East Java]], 1969}}) is a motivator, professional coach, and writer.
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This is an Indonesian name that does not use a family name.
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• 2 Social Work
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'''The Early Years'''
'''Ainy Fauziyah''' came from humble beginnings in the small town of Bangkil. Born to a father who was a farmer and a mother who taught sewing, Ainy was the first of five siblings.
Little Ainy enjoyed an education at SDN (elementary school) [[Kidul Dalem]] I Bangkil 1982. Even at an early age, she was already dreaming of doing so many things. Going to school abroad and flying in an airplane were two of her greatest desires back then.
Every time a helicopter or a small plane could be heard flying above, Ainy would without fail dash to her grandmother's house, run up the stairs, and enthusiastically wave her hands. To her young mind, planeswere such miraculous things. The sight of them up in the sky was cause for wonder to her. She went as far as fantasizing that she was one of the passengers sittinginside.
Ainy was one of those students who were active and daring. In 1984,as a grade 2 student at SMP (junior high school) [[Negeri 1 Bangkil]], Ainy participated in the selection of candidates for a quiz program in national television station [[TVRI Surabaya]]. The top three would be eligible to represent their school.
During the selection process, Ainy came to realize that her friends were so much smarter than she. That, however, did not deter her. Her absolute resolve to pass the selection pushed her to answer faster than her friends.
Whenever she was down, Ainy would tell herself that she could pass the selection. She would do her utmost to focus hard on listening to each question and answering it quickly. Her strong determination intimated her friends. But it paid off. Ainy and two of her classmates won the selection and they appeared in the quiz program that was broadcast by TVRI Surabaya. Losing did not mean that Ainy lost heart. At one point she attended SMAN (senior high school) 1 Bangkil but then graduatedfrom [[SMAN 1 Malang]](1988). Her father wanted Ainy to go to the School of Public Administration ([[STPDN]]) in [[Malang]] but Ainywas not at all interested. She chose not to take the physical test at the STPDN Malangafter passing the medical test in Surabaya. With the support of her mother, Ainy elected to major in [[Civil Engineering at the National Institute of Technology]] ([[ITN]]) [[Malang]] and earned her Bachelor’s (Strata Satu or S1) Degree.
Following her graduation, Ainy found work in Jakartaas a Project Officer at the Central Project Management Office under the auspices of the Department of Public Works for three years before going working for Perum Perumnas for nine years.
In 2000 Ainy received a scholarship to obtain a Master’s (Strata Dua or S2) Degree in Urban Management at [[Canberra University]], Australia. In [[May 2005]], Ainy resigned from Perum Perumnas and joined up with [[OXFAM Great Britain]], a humanitarian organization from the United Kingdom,and then Care International Indonesia from [[Canada]] which assisted in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Aceh following the 2004 tsunami disaster.
Ainy, whojoined initially as Shelter Coordinator and was later promoted to Programme Shelter Coordinator, invited the women of [[Aceh]] to become certified painters. Today they receive the same salary as their male counterparts. The program which at the beginning was attended by 37 people gradually evolved to involve 500 [[Aceh]] women.
Ainy Fauziyah was once invited to be a speaker at an International Shelter Meeting in [[Geneva]]-[[Switzerland]]. Her career is very promising. Following assignments in Aceh, Ainy received an offer to work with an international organization where should be based abroad.
Although she found it highly interesting, Ainy decided to turn the offer down. She preferred a noble profession where she could dedicate herself to her beloved people and started to builda career as a Female Motivator in [[Indonesia]].
In her chosen profession, Ainy received many awards. For example, the SheCAN!Award 2011 from Tupperware Indonesia as one of 52 inspiring women in Indonesia who did three things (Enlighten, Educate & Empower). Ainy was also selected as One of 100 Most Inspiring Women in Indonesia]] 2011 by [[Kartini]] Magazine.
As a Female Motivator and a Certified Professional Coach, Hypnotherapist and Licensed [[NLP]] Master Practitioner, Ainy has expertise in Leadership, Interpersonal, Performance, Career, Executive, Life and Parenting skills.
Ainy Fauziyah is also the author of a best-selling book entitled The Power of the Will. One hundred percent of the proceeds from theroyalty go to poor orphans. Ainy Fauziyah remains highly active as a conference speaker in companies, organizations, universities, communities all over [[Indonesia]].
Social Work
The founder of [[AINY COACHING]] who is engaged in the training and motivation business is involved in a variety of social activities. For example, a one-million book program for poor orphans, where 100% of the royalties from all her books are donated in the form of educational scholarships for orphans [[1]].
The recipient of the One of 100 Most Inspiring Women in [[Indonesia]] 2011 award by [[Kartini]] Magazine also motivates underprivileged orphans [[2]] and the blind [[3]] to continue not only to dare to dream but also to make the dream come true [[4]].