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=== T-1/DS-1 ===
[[T-1]]/[[DS-1]] adalah satu jenis hubungan yang memungkinkan bagi pelanggan di pedesaan yang menginginkan kecepatan jalur lebar, tetapi biayanya sangat tinggi tergantung jarak ke penyedia.<!--
These are highly-regulated services traditionally intended for businesses, that are managed through Public Service Commissions in each state, must be fully defined in PSC [[tariff documents]], and have management rules dating back to the early 1980s which still refer to [[teletypes]] as potential connection devices. As such, T-1 services have very strict and rigid service requirements which drive up the provider's maintenance costs and may require them to have a technician on standby 24 hours a day to repair the line if it malfunctions. (In comparison, ISDN and DSL are not regulated by the PSCs at all.)