Charles II dari Inggris: Perbedaan revisi

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| alt = Seated man of thin build with chest-length curly black hair
| succession = [[List of Scottish monarchs|King of Scotland]]
| reign = 30 JanuaryJanuari 1649 – 3 September 1651<ref>From the death of his father to his defeat at the [[Battle of Worcester]]</ref>
| predecessor = [[Charles I of England|Charles I]]
| successor = MilitaryPemerintahan governmentmiliter leddipimpin byoleh [[George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle|George Monck]]
| coronation = 1 JanuaryJanuari 1651
| succession1 = [[ListRaja of English monarchs|King of EnglandInggris]], [[ListDaftar ofpenguasa Scottish monarchsskotlandia|ScotlandSkotlandia]], anddan [[King ofRaja IrelandIrlandia|IrelandIrlandia]]
| moretext1 = ([[Style of the British sovereign#Styles of English and Scottish sovereigns|more...]])
| reign1 = 29 MayMei 1660<ref>The traditional date of the Restoration marking the first assembly of King and Parliament together since the abolition of the monarchy in 1649. The English Parliament recognised Charles as King of England by unanimous vote on the 2 May 1660, and he was proclaimed King in London on 8 May, although royalists had recognised him as such since the execution of his father on 30 January 1649. During Charles's reign all legal documents were dated as if his reign began at his father's death.</ref> – 6 February 1685
| predecessor1 =[[Charles I of England|Charles I]] ''([[de jure]])''<br />[[English Council of State|Council of State]] ''([[de facto]])''
| successor1 = [[James II of England|James VII & II]]


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