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Warna liturgi: Perbedaan antara revisi

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* [[Natal]]
* [[Christmastide]] (from [[Christmas|Christmas Day]] to the [[Baptism of the Lord]])
*[[EasterKamis seasonPutih]]
*[[Holy ThursdayPaskah]]
*[[Minggu Trinitas]]
*[[Feasts of the Lord Jesus Christ|Feasts of Our Lord]] other than of His Passion
*[[Kristus Raja]]
*Feasts of [[Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)|Our Lady]]<ref name="blue">The optional use of '''blue''' as a liturgical colour for feasts of our Lady is restricted to a few dioceses, as explained below.</ref>
*[[Baptisan dan Peneguhan sidi]]
*Feasts of the [[Angel]]s
*Feast of St. [[John the Apostle]]
*Feast of the [[Conversion of Paul|Conversion of Saint Paul]]
*[[Nativity of St. John the Baptist]]
*Feast of [[All Saints]]
*[[Adven minggu ketiga]]
*Feasts of [[Saint|Non-martyred Saints]]
*[[Minggu Palem]]
*[[Catholic marriage|Weddings]]
*[[Requiem|Masses]] and offices for the dead where the Conference of Bishops has permitted it .<ref>[[GIRM]] (Editio Typica), 346</ref>
*[[Palm Sunday]]
*Celebrations of the Passion of [[Jesus Christ|the Lord]], including [[Good Friday]]
*[[Feast of the Cross|Feasts of the Holy Cross]]