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* [http://www.spell-termles.ladinia.net/en.html The office for Ladin language planning ]
* [http://www.noeles.net News] - Noeles.net the first internetInternet-news-portal in ladin language (ladin dolomitan / ladin standard). The main contents are about ladin culture, politics, society, and other.
* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=lld Ethnologue report on Ladin]
* [http://www.lauscdiladins.com Weekly Paper] - La Usc Di Ladins (The Voice Of The Ladins - in Ladin - different sections written in all the different sub-dialects), paper of the General Union Of The Ladins Of The Dolomites. Weekly news from the Ladin valleys in the Dolomites.