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| [[Andronikus dari Panonia|Andronikus]] dan [[Yunias]] || {{Alkitab|Roma 16:7}} || Paulus menyebutkan bahwa Andronikus dan Yunias adalah "of note among the apostles." This has been traditionally interpreted in one of two ways:
* ThatAndronikus Andronicusdan andYunias Junia wereadalah "of note among the apostles," that is, distinguished apostles.<ref name="May Metzger">May, Herbert G. and Bruce M. Metzger. ''The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha''. 1977.</ref>
* That Andronicus and Junia were "well known ''among'' the apostles" meaning "well known ''to'' the apostles"
If the first view is correct then Paul may be referring to a female apostle<ref>Crossan, J. D. and Reed, J. L., ''In Search of Paul'', Harper San Francisco (2004), pp.&nbsp;115–116. {{ISBN|978-0-06-051457-0}}.</ref><ref name="Ehrman 2006">Ehrman, Bart. ''Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene: The Followers of Jesus in History and Legend''. Oxford University Press, US. 2006. {{ISBN|978-0-19-530013-0}}.</ref> - the Greek name (Iounian) is in the accusative and could be either Junia (a woman) or Junias (a man).<ref name="CBMW">CBMW [ "A Female Apostle?"], June 26, 2007</ref> Later manuscripts add accents to make it unambiguously Junias, however while "Junia" was a common name, "Junias" was not,<ref name="Ehrman 2006" /> and both options are favoured by different Bible translations.


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