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== Daftar pustaka ==
* Bixler, Ray H. (1982) "Comment on the Incidence and Purpose of Royal Sibling Incest," ''American Ethnologist'', ''9''(3), August, pp.&nbsp;580–582.<!-- -->
* Leavitt, G. C. (1990) "Sociobiological explanations of incest avoidance: A critical claim of evidential claims", ''American Anthropologist'', 92: 971–993.<!-- -->
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* Indrajit Bandyopadhyay (29 October 2008). "A Study In Folk "Mahabharata": How Balarama Became Abhimanyu's Father-in-law". ''Epic India: A New Arts & Culture Magazine''
* Đõ, Quý Toàn; Iyer, Sriya; Joshi, Shareen (2006). The Economics of Consanguineous Marriages. World Bank, Development Research Group, Poverty Team.
* {{cite book |last1=Ska |first1=Jean Louis |title=The Exegesis of the Pentateuch: Exegetical Studies and Basic Questions |year=2009 |publisher=Mohr Siebeck |url= |isbn=978-3-16-149905-0 |pages=30–31, 260 |ref=harv}} [ link pp. 30–31]
* {{cite book|last=Ska |first=Jean Louis |title=Introduction to Reading the Pentateuch |chapter= |year=2006 |publisher=Eisenbrauns |isbn=978-1-57506-122-1 |url= |ref=harv }}
== Pranala luar ==
* {{cite EB1911|wstitle=Incest |volume=14 |short=x}}
* {{DMOZ|Society/Crime/Sex_Offenses/Incest/}}
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