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Bantuan:ISBN: Perbedaan antara revisi

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Perangkat lunak [[MediaWiki]] yang digunakan oleh [[Wikipedia]] mengenali kode '''[[ISBN]]''' dalam teks; contohnya: <code><nowiki>ISBN 0-313-33114-6</nowiki></code> menjadi ISBN 0-313-33114-6 (secara teknis, tanda hubung tidak diperlukan, tapi lebih dianjurkan untuk keperluan estetika). Fitur ini disediakan oleh [[Bantuan:halaman istimewa|halaman istimewa]] ''[[Istimewa:Booksources|Sumber buku]]'' yang juga dapat secara manual diakses melalui [[Wikipedia:menu|menu]] ''[[Istimewa:Specialpages|Halaman istimewa]]''.
==Lihat pula==
* [[m:Help:ISBN links]]
* [[mw:Markup spec/BNF/Magic links]] – markah spesifik untuk ISBN, PMID dan RFC
<!-- * [[Wikipedia:List of ISBN ranges]] --><!--Preceding Wikilink commented out because all of the ranges are invalid. -->
<!-- * [[Wikipedia:List of pages with Invalid ISBNs]] --><!-- Preceding Wikilink commented out because the page is archived and no longer useful. -->
* {{cl|Catalog lookup templates}}
* {{cl|International Standard Book Number}}
<!--This is a [[Wikipedia:Links|link]] to a special booksource page, the page [[Wikipedia:Book sources]] with each instance of MAGICNUMBER on this page replaced with the ISBN (so a [[m:template|template]] with a parameter, but with a special syntax just for this application). The page contains links to library catalogs and bookstores where one may search for the book corresponding to the ISBN. It is important when making a link to not put a colon after "ISBN". Note that you can also link directly to the <nowiki>[[Special:Booksources/...]]</nowiki> page — this may occasionally be useful when appearance is an issue. ISBNs come in two flavours, 10 characters and 13 digits. Please use the 13 digit one if available (if nowhere else, it is written under the bar-code - the hyphenation will be 978- then the same as the 10 digit).