Giroskop kendali momentum

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NASA personnel handle a single Control Moment Gyroscope for the International Space Station.

Sebuah giroskop kontrol momentum atau control momentum gyroscope (CMG) adalah perangkat kontrol sikap umumnya digunakan dalam sistem kontrol sikap pesawat ruang angkasa. Sebuah CMG terdiri dari rotor berputar dan satu atau lebih gimbal bermotor yang sudut rotor momentum miring. Sebagai rotor miring, momentum sudut berubah menyebabkan torsi gyroscopic pesawat ruang angkasa berputar.

Referensi[sunting | sunting sumber]

CMG applications and fundamental research are undertaken at several institutions.

  • Georgia Tech's Panagiotis Tsiotras has studied variable-speed CMGs in connection with flywheel energy storage and has built a spacecraft simulator based on them: faculty page
  • Virginia Tech's Christopher Hall has built a spacecraft simulator as well: faculty page
  • Texas A&M's John Junkins and Srinivas Vadali have written papers on VSCMGs for use in singularity avoidance: faculty page
  • Cornell's Mason Peck is researching CMG-driven nanosats with the Violet spacecraft: Violet project page
  • Space Systems Group at the University of Florida under Prof. Norman Fitz-Coy have been researching on the development of CMGs for pico- and nano-satellites and on various steering logics for singularity avoidance SSG
  • Professor Brij Agrawal at the Naval Postgraduate School has built two spacecraft simulators, at least one of which uses CMGs: [1]
  • Honeywell Defense and Space Systems performs research in Control Moment Gyros They also have developed a spacecraft simulator driven by CMGs: CMG Testbed Video
  • Naval Postgraduate School's Marcello Romano has studied variable-speed CMGs and has developed a mini single gimbal control moment gyro for laboratory experiment of spacecraft proximity maneuvers faculty page