Edmund Waller

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Edmund Waller

Edmund Waller, lahir pada tanggal 3 Maret 1606 di Coleshill dan meninggal pada tanggal 21 Oktober 1687 di Beaconsfield, merupakan seorang penyair dan politikus berkebangsaan Inggris pada akhir abad ketujuh belas.

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a. ^ Edmund's father Robert was the son of Edmund Waller (1536-1603), who was in turn the son of Robert Waller (1517–53), a scion of the Waller family of Groombridge Place, Kent. A branch of this family settled firstly at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, and in the 17th century moved to Virginia, where they became prominent in early Virginia affairs. Prominent members of this branch include Benjamin Waller, Littleton Waller Tazewell and Edwin Waller.[3]

b. ^ His descendant Rachel Waller, considering the Breux family's connections with Barbados, wrote in 1939 that: "this probably gave rise to the assumption that she was not of pure European blood. In support of this theory, we may compare the portrait of the poet with those of his descendants. In these latter, the long face and aquiline lineaments of the poet have given way to round blunt features and curly black hair."[4]

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