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Daftar genus tanaman dalam famili Ericaceae

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Di bawah ini merupakan daftar genus tanaman dalam famili Ericaceae:

Genus beserta autor Tahun Subfamili / Tribus Spesies tipe Jumlah spesies Persebaran
Enkianthus Lour. 1791 Enkianthoideae Enkianthus quinqueflorus Lour. &&&&&&&&&&&&&016.&&&&&016 Asia Tenggara
Chimaphila Pursh 1813 ("1814") Pyroloideae Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05 Amerika Tengah dan Utara serta Eurasia
Moneses Salisb. ex S.F.Gray 1821 Pyroloideae Moneses grandiflora |name=Linnaeus1753 |As unnecessary renamings of species described earlier by Carl Linnaeus, these names are illegitimate and treated respectively as Moneses uniflora (L.) A.Gray, Orthilia secunda (L.) House, and Phyllodoce caerulea (L.) Bab.}} Salisb. ex S.F.Gray &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01
Orthilia Raf. 1840 Pyroloideae name=Linnaeus1753}} Raf. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Kanada—Guatemala dan Eurasia
Pyrola L. 1753 Pyroloideae Pyrola rotundifolia L. ca. 30 Amerika Tengah dan Utara serta Eurasia
Allotropa Torr. & A.Gray 1858 ("1857") MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Allotropa virgata Torr. & A.Gray &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Pasifik barat laut
Cheilotheca Hook.f. 1876 MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Cheilotheca khasiana Hook.f. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03
Hemitomes A.Gray 1858 ("1857") MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Hemitomes congestum A.Gray &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Pesisir barat Amerika Serikat
Monotropa L. 1753 MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Monotropa uniflora L. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Amerika, Eropa, dan Asia
Monotropastrum H.Andres 1936 MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Monotropastrum macrocarpum H.Andres 2 or 3 Pegunungan Himalaya—Pulau Sumatra dan Jepang
Monotropsis Schwein. 1817 MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Monotropsis odorata Schwein. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Amerika Serikat bagian tenggara
Pityopus Small 1914 MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Small's species, which he originally named Pityopus oregona, was later found to be the same as Alice Eastwood's Monotropa californica. It is now treated as Pityopus californius (Eastw.) H.F.Copel.}} Small &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Pesisir barat Amerika Serikat
Pleuricospora A.Gray 1868 MonotropoideaeMonotropeae Pleuricospora fimbriolata A.Gray &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 California—British Columbia
Pterospora Nutt. 1919 MonotropoideaePterosporeae Pterospora andromedea Nutt. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Amerika Serikat dan Meksiko
Sarcodes Torr. 1851 MonotropoideaePterosporeae Sarcodes sanguinea Torr. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Pesisir barat Amerika Serikat dan Meksiko
Arbutus L. 1753 Arbutoideae Arbutus unedo L. &&&&&&&&&&&&&010.&&&&&010 Pesisir barat Kanada—Amerika Tengah dan Mediterania
Arctostaphylos Adans. 1763 Arbutoideae Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. &&&&&&&&&&&&&066.&&&&&066 Amerka Utara dan Tengah serta Eurasia
Comarostaphylis Zucc. 1837 Arbutoideae Currently treated as a synonym of Comarostaphylis discolor (Hook.) Diggs.}} Zucc. &&&&&&&&&&&&&010.&&&&&010 California—Amerika Tengah
Ornithostaphylos Small 1914 Arbutoideae Ornithostaphylos oppositifolia (Parry) Small &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 California dan Meksiko
Xylococcus Nutt. 1842 ("1843") Arbutoideae Xylococcus bicolor Nutt. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 California
Cassiope D.Don 1834 Cassiopeoideae Cassiope tetragona (L.) D.Don &&&&&&&&&&&&&018.&&&&&018
Bryanthus J.G.Gmel. |The name is often attributed to David Don. Although no valid species name were published in the two last volumes of Gmelin's work (which did not use the Linnean binomial system), his genera are considered valid.}} 1769 EricoideaeBryantheae Bryanthus musciformis (Poir.) Nakai
Ledothamnus Meisn. 1863 EricoideaeBryantheae Ledothamnus guyanensis Meisn.
Ceratiola Michx. 1803 EricoideaeEmpetreae Ceratiola ericoides Michx. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Amerika Serikat
Corema D.Don 1826 EricoideaeEmpetreae Corema album (L.) D.Don ex Steud. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Amerika Utara dan Semenanjung Iberia
Empetrum L. 1753 EricoideaeEmpetreae Empetrum nigrum L.
Calluna Salisb. 1802 EricoideaeEriceae Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Eropa
Daboecia D.Don 1834 EricoideaeEriceae The correct name of the species is Daboecia cantabrica (Huds.) K.Koch}} D.Don &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Eropa
Erica L. 1753 EricoideaeEriceae Erica cinerea L. 850+ Afro-Eurasia
Bejaria |As Befaria. The corrected spelling was later conserved.}} Mutis 1771 EricoideaePhyllodoceae Bejaria aestuans Mutis ex L. &&&&&&&&&&&&&015.&&&&&015 Amerika Utara—Amerika Serikat
Elliottia Muhl. ex Elliott 1817 EricoideaePhyllodoceae Elliottia racemosa Muhl. ex Elliott &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 Amerika Utara dan Jepang
Epigaea L. 1753 EricoideaePhyllodoceae Epigaea repens L. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Amerika Utara dan Asia
Kalmia L. 1753 EricoideaePhyllodoceae Kalmia latifolia L. &&&&&&&&&&&&&010.&&&&&010 Belahan bumi utara
Kalmiopsis Rehder 1932 EricoideaePhyllodoceae Kalmiopsis leachiana (L.F.Hend.) Rehder &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Oregon
Phyllodoce Salisb. 1806 EricoideaePhyllodoceae name=Linnaeus1753}} (Pall.) Salisb. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&08.&&&&&08 Amerika Utara dan Eurasia
Rhodothamnus Rchb. 1827 EricoideaePhyllodoceae Rhodothamnus chamaecistus (L.) Rchb.
Rhododendron L. 1753 EricoideaeRhodoreae Rhododendron ferrugineum L. 1000+ Amerika Utara, Eurasia, dan Australia
Therorhodion |John Lindley and Joseph Paxton had originally moved Pallas' Rhododendron camtschaticum to a new genus Rhodothamnus, a name that Reichenbach had already coined for another Ericacea genus. Small elevated Carl Maximowicz' Rhododendron sect. Therorhodion to generic level to replace that name.}} (Maxim.) Small 1914 EricoideaeRhodoreae Therorhodion camtschaticum (Pall. Small) &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Alaska dan Asia bagian timur laut
Harrimanella Coville 1901 Harrimanelloideae Harrimanella stelleriana (Pall.) Coville &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02
Archeria Hook.f. 1857 Epacridoideae / Archerieae None designated &&&&&&&&&&&&&&06.&&&&&06 Pulau Tasmania dan Selandia Baru
Andersonia R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeCosmelieae None designated ca. 50 Australia Barat
Cosmelia R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeCosmelieae Cosmelia rubra R.Br. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Australia Barat
Sprengelia Sm. 1794 EpacridoideaeCosmelieae Sprengelia incarnata &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 Australia
Epacris Cav. 1797 EpacridoideaeEpacrideae Epacris longiflora Cav. 30+ Oceania
Lysinema R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeEpacrideae None designated &&&&&&&&&&&&&&06.&&&&&06 Australia
Woollsia F.Muell. 1873 EpacridoideaeEpacrideae Woollsia pungens (Cav.) F.Muell. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Australia
Dielsiodoxa Albr. 2010 EpacridoideaeOligarrheneae Dielsiodoxa tamariscina (F.Muell.) Albr. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05 Australia
Needhamiella |Robert Brown's original Needhamia could not be used because Needhamia Scop., a rejected synonym of Tephrosia (Fabaceae) antedates it.}} L.Watson 1965 EpacridoideaeOligarrheneae Needhamiella pumilio (R.Br.) L.Watson &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Western Australia
Oligarrhena R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeOligarrheneae Oligarrhena micrantha R.Br. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Australia
Lebetanthus |Endlicher substituted this name (as "Lebethanthus") for his own Allodape, which he considered preoccupied by Allodape Lepeletier & Serville 1825,[1] a genus of bees. Since homonymy with zoological name is irrelevant under the ICN (Art. 54.1), preserving the usage of the later name (with corrected spelling) required its conservation.}} Endl. 1841 EpacridoideaePrionoteae Now included within Lebetanthus myrsinites (Lam.) Dusén.}} (Hook.f.) Hook.f. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Amerika Selatan
Prionotes R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaePrionoteae Prionotes cerinthoides (Labill. R.Br.) &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Pulau Tasmania
Dracophyllum Labill. 1800 EpacridoideaeRicheeae Dracophyllum verticillatum Labill. ca. 100 Oceania
Richea |Sometimes misattributed to Labillardière, but that name is a rejected name against Brown's, and a synonym of Craspedia (Asteraceae:Gnaphalieae).}} R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeRicheeae Richea dracophylla R.Br. &&&&&&&&&&&&&011.&&&&&011 Australia dan Pulau Tasmania
Sphenotoma (R.Br.) Sweet |Not "R.Br. ex Sweet" or just "Sweet". Brown's Dracophyllum [unranked] Sphenotoma had no rank attached. Although such names cannot affect priority, they can still serve as basionyms so long as they are validly published (ICBN, art. 35).}} 1828 EpacridoideaeRicheeae Sphenotoma gracilis (R.Br.) Sweet &&&&&&&&&&&&&&06.&&&&&06
Acrothamnus Quinn 2005 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Acrothamnus maccraei (F.Muell.) Quinn 5+ Oceania
Acrotriche R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Acrotriche divaricata |Not recorded in ING (Index Nominum Genericorum), but see Paterson (1960)}} R.Br. &&&&&&&&&&&&&016.&&&&&016 Australia
Agiortia Quinn 2005 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Agiortia cicatricata (J.M.Powell) Quinn &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Australia
Androstoma Hook.f. 1844 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Androstoma empetrifolia Hook.f. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Australia dan Selandia Baru
Astroloma R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae none designated ca. 10 Australia
Brachyloma Sond. 1845 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Brachyloma preissii Sond. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 Australia
Coleanthera Stschegl. 1859 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Coleanthera myrtoides &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Australia
Conostephium Benth. 1837 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Conostephium pendulum Benth. ca. 10 Australia
Croninia J.M.Powell 1993 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Croninia kingiana (F.Muell.) J.M.Powell &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Australia
Cyathodes Labill. 1805 (1804) EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Cyathodes glauca |Not recorded in ING, but see Weiller (1996)}} Labill. 5(?) Australia
Cyathopsis Brongn. & Gris |ING and IPNI cite both journals but the issue of the Bulletin was not published before late January 1865.}} 1864 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Cyathopsis floribunda Brongn. & Gris &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Kaledonia Baru
Decatoca F.Muell. 1889 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Decatoca spencerii &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 New Guinea
Leptecophylla C.M.Weiller 1999 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Leptecophylla juniperina (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) C.M.Weiller &&&&&&&&&&&&&012.&&&&&012 Oceania
Leucopogon R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae An illegitimate renaming of Henry Cranke Andrews Styphelia parviflora. The correct name is Leucopogon parviflorus (Andrews) Lindl.}} 150+ Oceania
Lissanthe R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Lissanthe strigosa |Not recorded in APNI or ING, but see Crayn et al. (2003)}} (Sm.) R.Br. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 Australia
Melichrus R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Melichrus procumbens (Cav.) Druce ca. 10 Australia
Monotoca R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Monotoca scoparia (Sm.) R.Br. &&&&&&&&&&&&&017.&&&&&017 Australia
Montitega C.M.Weiller 1993 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Montitega dealbata (R.Br.) C.M.Weiller &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Australia
Pentachondra R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae This would have to be either Pentachondra involucrata or Pentachondra pumilla.}} 4–5 Australia dan Selandia Baru
Planocarpa C.M.Weiller 1996 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Planocarpa petiolaris (DC.) C.M.Weiller &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Pulau Tasmania
Styphelia Sm. 1795 ("1793") EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Styphelia tubuliflora Sm. Oceania
Trochocarpa R.Br. 1810 EpacridoideaeStyphelieae Trochocarpa laurina (Rudge R.Br.) 10? Australia dan Malesia
Andromeda L. 1753 VaccinioideaeAndromedeae Andromeda polifolia L. 1 or 2 Belahan bumi Utara
Zenobia D.Don 1834 VaccinioideaeAndromedeae The genus' sole species is now known as Zenobia pulverulanta (W.Bartram ex Willd.) Pollard}} (Michx.) D.Don &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Amerika Serikat bagian tenggara
Chamaedaphne Moench 1794 VaccinioideaeGaultherieae Chamaedaphne calyculata (L.) Moench &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Belahan bumi utara
Diplycosia Blume 1826 VaccinioideaeGaultherieae None designated[N 1] ca. 110 Asia Tenggara
Eubotrys Nutt. 1842 ("1843") VaccinioideaeGaultherieae Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Amerika Serikat bagian timur
Gaultheria L. 1753 VaccinioideaeGaultherieae Gaultheria procumbens L. ca. 115 Sirkum Pasifik dan Amerika
Leucothoe D.Don 1834 VaccinioideaeGaultherieae Leucothoe axillaria (Lam.) D.Don &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05 Amerika Serikat dan Asia Timur
Pernettya |Gaudichaud originally spelled the name, which honors Antoine-Joseph Pernety, as "Pernettia". The spelling was later conserved with "y".}} Gaudich. 1825 VaccinioideaeGaultherieae The correct name in Pernettya is Pernettya pumila (L.f.) Hook. Although the species is known to belong in Gaultheria, it currently lacks a name in that genus (Gaultheria pumila Hook. already exists).}} (Lam.) Gaudich. Amerika Selatan dan Oceania
Tepuia Camp 1939 VaccinioideaeGaultherieae Tepuia tatei |Although Tepuia species now belong to Gaultheria, this species currently lacks a valid name in the latter genus because of the existence of Gaultheria tatei A.C.Sm.}} Camp &&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 Amerika Selatan
Agarista D.Don ex G.Don 1834 VaccinioideaeLyonieae Agarista nummularia (Cham. & Schltdl.) G.Don ca. 30 Amerika, Afrika, dan Madagaskar
Craibiodendron W.W.Sm. 1911 VaccinioideaeLyonieae Currently treated as a synonym of Craibiodendron stellatum (Pierre) W.W.Sm.}} W.W.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05 India, Cina, dan Indocina
Lyonia Nutt. 1919 VaccinioideaeLyonieae Lyonia ferruginea (Walter) Nutt. &&&&&&&&&&&&&035.&&&&&035 Amerika Serikat—Meksiko dan Kepulauan Karibia serta Asia Timur
Pieris D.Don 1834 VaccinioideaeLyonieae Pieris formosa (Wall.) D.Don &&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 Amerika Serikat, Kuba, dan Asia Timur
Oxydendrum DC. 1839 Vaccinioideae / Oxydendreae Oxydendrum arboreum (L.) DC. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Amerika Serikat
Agapetes D.Don ex G.Don 1834 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Agapetes setigera (Wall.) D.Don ex G.Don 80+ Pegunungan Himalaya
Anthopteropsis A.C.Sm. 1941 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Anthopteropsis insignis A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Panama
Anthopterus Hook. 1839 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Anthopterus racemosus Hook. ca. 20 Kawasan neotropis
Cavendishia Lindl. 1835 ("1836") VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Cavendishia nobilis Lindl. ca. 100 Kawasan neotropis
Ceratostema Juss. 1789 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Ceratostema peruvianum J.F.Gmel. &&&&&&&&&&&&&035.&&&&&035 Pegunungan Andes
Costera J.J.Sm. 1910 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Costera ovalifolia J.J.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&010.&&&&&010
Demosthenesia A.C.Sm. 1936 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Demosthenesia mandonii (Britton) A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&012.&&&&&012 Kawasan neotropis
Didonica Luteyn & Wilbur 1977 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Didonica pendula Luteyn & Wilbur &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 Kawasan neotropis
Dimorphanthera |Authorship, date and proper place of publication of this genus are listed in a number of different, contradictory ways.}} VaccinioideaeVaccinieae None designated 80+ Malesia—Australia
Diogenesia Sleumer 1934 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Diogenesia octandra Sleumer &&&&&&&&&&&&&013.&&&&&013 Venezuela bagian timur dan Pegunungan Andes bagian utara
Disterigma (Klotzsch) Nied. 1889 ("1890") VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Disterigma empetrifolium (Kunth) Drude ca. 40 Meksiko—Amerika Selatan bagian utara
Gaylussacia Kunth 1819 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Gaylussacia buxifolia Kunth &&&&&&&&&&&&&050.&&&&&050 Amerika
Gonocalyx Planch. & Linden 1856 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Gonocalyx pulcher Planch. & Linden &&&&&&&&&&&&&011.&&&&&011 Amerika Selatan
Lateropora A.C.Sm. A printing error misstates the year as "1942".}} VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Lateropora ovata A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03
Macleania Hook. 1837 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Macleania floribunda Hook. ca. 50 Meksiko bagian selatan—Peru
Mycerinus A.C.Sm. 1931 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Mycerinus sclerophyllus A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Amerika Selatan
Notopora Hook.f. 1873 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Notopora schomburgkii |Hooker also listed the species with the epithet "schomburgkiana".}} Hook.f. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05
Oreanthes Benth. 1844 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Oreanthes buxifolius Benth. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 Kawasan neotropis
Orthaea Klotzsch 1851 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Orthaea secundiflora (Poepp. & Endl.) Klotzsch &&&&&&&&&&&&&034.&&&&&034 Kawasan neotropis
Paphia Seem. 1864 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Paphia vitiensis Seem. 20+ Australasia
Pellegrinia Sleumer 1935 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Pellegrinia grandiflora (Ruiz & Pav. ex G.Don) Sleumer &&&&&&&&&&&&&&06.&&&&&06
Periclesia A.C.Sm.[2] 1935 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Periclesia flexuosa A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Ekuador
Plutarchia A.C.Sm. 1936 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Plutarchia rigida (Benth.) A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&011.&&&&&011 Ekuador dan Kolombia
Polyclita A.C.Sm. 1936 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Polyclita turbinata (Kuntze) A.C.Sm. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01
Psammisia Klotzsch 1851 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Psammisia falcata Klotzsch &&&&&&&&&&&&&070.&&&&&070 Kawasan neotropis
Rusbya Britton 1893 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae This would have to be Rusbya taxifolia, as the other of Britton's original species is currently treated as Demosthenesia pearcei (Britton) A.C.Sm. and its designation as lectotype would replace Demosthenesia with Rusbya.}} &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 Bolivia
Satyria Klotzsch 1851 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Satyria warszewiczii Klotzsch
Semiramisia Klotzsch 1851 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Semiramisia speciosa (Benth.) Klotzsch &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 Ekuador serta Venezuela—Peru
Siphonandra |Because the name is preceded by Siphonandra Turcz., it has been proposed for conservation.}} Klotzsch 1851 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Siphonandra elliptica (Ruiz & Pav. ex G.Don) Klotzsch &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 Kawasan neotropis
Sphyrospermum Poepp. & Endl. 1835 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Sphyrospermum buxifolium Poepp. & Endl. &&&&&&&&&&&&&022.&&&&&022 Kawasan neotropis
Symphysia C.Presl 1827 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae A synonym of Symphysia racemosa (Vahl) Stearn}} C.Presl
Themistoclesia Klotzsch 1851 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Themistoclesia pendula[N 2] &&&&&&&&&&&&&022.&&&&&022 Kosta Rika—Peru
Thibaudia Ruiz & Pav. ex J.St.-Hil.|The fourth and fifth volumes of Ruiz and Pavón's Flora Peruviana, et Chilensis were not published during their time, but the plates that were to illustrate volume 4 were circulated and lead to the publication of some names.}} 1805 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Thibaudia mellifera |It is not clear whether the correct spelling is "mellifera" or "melliflora".}} Ruiz & Pav. ex J.St.-Hil. &&&&&&&&&&&&&060.&&&&&060 Kawasan neotropis
Utleya Wilbur & Luteyn 1977 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Utleya costaricensis Wilbur & Luteyn &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01
Vaccinium L. 1753 VaccinioideaeVaccinieae Vaccinium uliginosum L. 500+

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