Daftar Gubernur Jenderal Papua Nugini

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Bendera Gubernur-Jenderal Papua Nugini
Gubernur Jenderal Papua New Guinea
Raja Muda

Michael Ogio

His Excellency
Ditunjuk oleh:
Queen Elizabeth II
as Ratu Papua New Guinea
Raja muda pertama:
John Guise
6 September 1975

The Governor-General of Papua New Guinea is the viceregal representative of Queen Elizabeth II, known in Tok Pisin as 'Missis Kwin', Papua New Guinea's head of state, performing the duties of the Queen in her absence. The current Governor-General of Papua New Guinea is Michael Ogio.

Appointment[sunting | sunting sumber]

Unlike other Commonwealth realms, the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea is nominated by the country's Parliament, rather than by its Prime Minister, as is the convention almost everywhere else. The appointment is made by the Head of State of Papua New Guinea, Queen Elizabeth II, following a simple majority vote of the National Parliament. For a second term, a two-thirds majority is required. No person may serve for more than two terms.

If the office of Governor-General becomes vacant, the Speaker of the National Parliament becomes acting Governor-General until a new appointment is made.

Dismissal[sunting | sunting sumber]

The Governor-General may be dismissed by either a decision of the National Executive Council or an absolute majority of the National Parliament. No Governor-General has been dismissed from office, although Sir Serei Eri resigned from office, due to his dismissal being instructed to the Queen by Prime Minister Rabbie Namaliu.

Governors-General of Papua New Guinea[sunting | sunting sumber]

Names in white indicate the Speaker acting as the Governor-General.

Nama Periode Jabatan Sovereign Notes
1 Sir John Guise 6 September 1975 – March 1, 1977 Queen Elizabeth II Resigned from office to contest election.
2 Sir Tore Lokoloko 1 March 1977 – 1 March 1983
3 Sir Kingsford Dibela 1 March 1983 – 1 March 1989 Resigned from office.
4 Sir Ignatius Kilage 1 March 1989 – 31 December 1989 Died in office.
5 Sir Serei Eri 27 February 1990 – 4 October 1991 Resigned from office, due to dismissal instructed to the Queen by Prime Minister.
Dennis Young 4 October 1991 – 18 November 1991
6 Sir Wiwa Korowi 18 November 1991 – 20 November 1997
7 Sir Silas Atopare 20 November 1997 – 20 November 2003
Sir William Skate 21 November 2003 – 28 May 2004 Removed from Speaker's role (and hence acting Governor-General) due to financial misappropriation scandal
Jeffrey Nape 28 May 2004 – 29 June 2004 Replaced Bill Skate as Speaker and hence acting Governor-General
8 Sir Paulias Matane 29 June 2004 – 13 December 2010 Elected by Parliament 50 votes - 46 on May 27, 2004.
Jeffrey Nape 13 December 2010 – 20 December 2010
9 Michael Ogio 20 December 2010 –

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