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Cobham Aviation Services Australia
Cobham plc logo.svg
IATA ICAO Kode panggil
Didirikan 1989
Penghubung Bandar Udara Adelaide
Penghubung sekunder Bandar Udara Internasional Darwin
Bandar Udara Internasional Cairns
Bandar Udara Perth
Armada 29
Perusahaan induk Cobham plc
Kantor pusat Bandar Udara Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Tokoh utama Peter Nottage, CEO[1]
Situs web

Cobham Aviation Services Australia (sebelumnya Sistem Jet Nasional), merupakan sebuah maskapai penerbangan terjadwal dan charter dengan Markas Besar yang berbasis di Adelaide, Australia. Maskapai ini menyediakan layanan penerbangan termasuk sewa, operasi penerbangan terjadwal, dan layanan charter di seluruh Australia. Cobham menyediakan semua kru dan rekayasa dukungan dan layanan untuk operasi Jet QantasLink di Australia, dan mengoperasikan jasa angkutan untuk Australian air Express, bersama dengan layanan charter di seluruh jaringan regional yang luas untuk bluechip klien seperti Santos, BHP Billiton dan Chevron, perusahaan sumber daya yang membutuhkan Fly In / Out terbang (FIFO) layanan di seluruh terpencil Australia. Markas Cobham berbasis di Bandar Udara Internasional Adelaide, dengan hub di Bandar Udara Internasional Cairns, Bandar Udara Internasional Darwin dan Perth Airport. [2] Ini adalah kontraktor utama untuk QantasLink. [3] Cobham juga memiliki dan mengoperasikan armada pesawat Dash 8, dimodifikasi untuk menyediakan 24/7 surveilans bahari sipil Dinas Bea Cukai Australia.

Cobham has developed "turnkey" transportation systems, including airport management and reservations services, for major Australian infrastructure projects such as Santos's Cooper Basin gas fields at Moomba and Ballera in the heart of Australia, Chevron's Barrow Island operations into a Class "A" nature reserve with strict quarantine requirements, along with operations for Ok-Tedi gold and copper mine in Papua New Guinea.[1]. Cobham is the first operator to operate the RJ100 aircraft in Australia, and is the first operator in Australia to introduce gravel jet operations into remote unpaved runways in Australia in 2012.

History[sunting | sunting sumber]

National Jet Systems (NJS) was established in 1989 and started operations on 1 July 1990. It soon commenced scheduled operations on behalf of Australian Airlines, mainly to tourist destinations in northern Australia, operating a fleet of BAe 146 aircraft under the Airlink brand. After Australian Airlines was taken over by Qantas it continued these operations, and in 2005 commenced operating Boeing 717 aircraft, the operation being rebranded as QantasLink at the same time. The services on behalf of QantasLink are contracted until 2018.[2] An additional base, located in Brisbane, which was opened in early 2012.

National Jet Avro RJ70 at Perth Airport (2003).
Cobham BAe 146-300QT in the colours of Australian air Express

NJS is owned by Cobham plc. Cobham Aviation Services in Australia operates different business units. Regional Services, also known as National Jet Express, or JetEx, conducts scheduled closed charter flights on its "regional network" and freight services on behalf of Australian air Express (AaE).[3] JetEx operates three BAe 146 freighters on night freight services to and from curfew-restricted Sydney Airport, along with Bae146 and RJ100 aircraft in Perth and Adelaide on scheduled closed charter flights for bluechip minings clients. Cobham's Airline Services business unit operates under the call-sign "QJet", for QantasLink Jet operations across Australia, flying over 1.5 million passengers annually. These flights are all crewed and maintained by Cobham, on behalf of QantasLink. Surveillance Australia, or Special Missions business unit[4] operates a civilian aerial surveillance program on behalf of the Border Protection Command. In early 2009, National Jet rebranded its name to Cobham (known as Cobham Aviation Services Australia or CAvSA) inline with a global Cobham rebranding initiative by its parent company Cobham plc. The company's legal identities as National Jet Express and National Jet Systems still remain however the company trades and operate under the name Cobham Aviation Services.

Destinations[sunting | sunting sumber]

Cobham's operations can be broken into four separate branches; it flies scheduled services on its own behalf,[5] Scheduled operations on behalf of QantasLink and AaE. It also has an extensive closed charter operation in support of the mining industry.[6][7]

Cobham scheduled services
Domestic scheduled destinations for QantasLink
Freight scheduled destinations for Australian air Express

Armada[sunting | sunting sumber]

One of National Jet's British Aerospace BAe 146-200s at Sydney Airport

As of October 2012 the Cobham fleet consists of the following aircraft:[3][9][10]

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Fleet
Aircraft Total Notes
Avro RJ100 5
BAe 146-100 2
BAe 146-100QT 1 operated on freight services for Australian air Express
BAe 146-200 2
BAe 146-300 2
BAe 146-300QT 3 operated on freight services for Australian air Express
Boeing 717-200 13 operated on passenger services as part of QantasLink
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-103 1
Total 29

See also[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Sir Alan Cobham, who flew from Britain to Australia in August 1926. 60,000 were at Essendon Airport, Melbourne to welcome him.

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