Clara Bow

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Clara Bow
LahirClara Gordon Bow
(1905-07-29)29 Juli 1905
Brooklyn, New York
Meninggal27 September 1965(1965-09-27) (umur 60)
West Los Angeles, California
Tinggi5 ft 3+12 in (1,613 m)
Suami/istriRex Bell

Clara Gordon Bow (29 Juli 1905 – 27 September 1965) adalah seorang aktris berkebangsaan Amerika Serikat dan simbol kelamin. Dia dilahirkan di Brooklyn, New York City. Dia berkarier di dunia film sejak tahun 1922.

Filmografi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Year Title Role Notes[1]
1922 Beyond the Rainbow Virginia Gardener Extant
1922 Down to the Sea in Ships Dot Morgan Extant
1923 Enemies of Women Girl dancing on table Extant (incomplete)
1923 Daring Years, TheThe Daring Years Mary Lost film
1923 Maytime Alice Tremaine Extant
1923 Black Oxen Janet Ogelthorpe Extant
1924 Grit Orchid McGonigle Lost film
1924 Poisoned Paradise Margot LeBlanc Extant
1924 Daughters of Pleasure Lila Millas Extant
1924 Wine Angela Warriner Lost film
1924 Empty Hearts Rosalie Extant
1924 Helen's Babies Alice Mayton Extant
1924 This Woman Aline Sturdevant Lost film
1924 Black Lightning Martha Larned Extant
1925 Capital Punishment Delia Tate Extant
1925 Adventurous Sex, TheThe Adventurous Sex The Girl Lost film
1925 Eve's Lover Rena D'Arcy Lost film
1925 Lawful Cheater, TheThe Lawful Cheater Molly Burns Lost film
1925 Scarlet West, TheThe Scarlet West Miriam Lost film (trailer survives)
1925 My Lady's Lips Lola Lombard Extant
1925 Parisian Love Marie Extant
1925 Kiss Me Again Grizette Lost film
1925 Keeper of the Bees, TheThe Keeper of the Bees Lolly Cameron Lost film (trailer exists)
1925 Primrose Path, TheThe Primrose Path Marilyn Merrill Extant (incomplete)
1925 Free to Love Marie Anthony Extant
1925 Best Bad Man, TheThe Best Bad Man Peggy Swain Extant
1925 Plastic Age, TheThe Plastic Age Cynthia Day Extant
1925 Ancient Mariner, TheThe Ancient Mariner Doris Lost film
1925 My Lady of Whims Prudence Severn Extant
1926 Shadow of the Law Mary Brophy Lost film
1926 Two Can Play Dorothy Hammis Lost film
1926 Dancing Mothers Kittens Westcourt Extant
1926 Fascinating Youth Clara Bow Lost film
1926 Runaway, TheThe Runaway Cynthia Meade Lost film
1926 Mantrap Alverna Extant
1926 Kid Boots Clara McCoy Extant
1927 It Betty Lou Spence Extant
1927 Children of Divorce Kitty Flanders Extant
1927 Rough House Rosie Rosie O'Reilly Lost film (trailer exists)
1927 Wings Mary Preston Extant
1927 Hula Hula Calhoun Extant
1927 Get Your Man Nancy Worthington Extant but incomplete (missing at least 2 reels)
1928 Red Hair Bubbles McCoy Lost film (fragments exist, including the only known color footage of Bow)
1928 Ladies of the Mob Yvonne Lost film
1928 Fleet's In, TheThe Fleet's In Trixie Deane Lost film
1928 Three Weekends Gladys O'Brien Lost film (fragments survives)
1929 Wild Party, TheThe Wild Party Stella Ames Extant
1929 Dangerous Curves Pat Delaney Extant
1929 Saturday Night Kid, TheThe Saturday Night Kid Mayme Alternative title: Love 'Em and Leave 'Em; Extant
1930 Paramount on Parade Herself Extant
1930 True to the Navy Ruby Nolan Extant
1930 Love Among the Millionaires Pepper Whipple Extant
1930 Her Wedding Night Norma Martin Extant
1931 No Limit Helen "Bunny" O'Day Extant
1931 Kick In Molly Hewes Extant
1932 Call Her Savage Nasa Springer Extant
1933 Hoop-La Lou Extant
1949 Screen Snapshots 1860: Howdy, Podner Clara Bow – Resort Guest Short subject

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