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Orang Kanaq
Pelafalan[oraŋ kanak]
Dituturkan diMalaysia
Penutur bahasa
83 (tidak tercantum tanggal)
Kode bahasa
ISO 639-3orn

Bahasa Orang Kanaq adalah suatu bahasa dari rumpun bahasa Melayu-Polinesia yang dituturkan di Malaysia.[1] Bahasa Orang Kanaq termasuk dalam kelompok bahasa Melayu.[2]

Penuturnya, Orang Kanaq tinggal di kawasan Selat Melaka dan di bagian selatan Johor.[3]

The Orang Kanaq were originally from Pulau Sekanak in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. They started to migrate to Peninsula Malaysia in around 1784. Initially, they settled at Mawai Lama, Kota Tinggi but relocated to Selayang during the Malayan Emergency during the 1950s.[4] Currently, they are situated at Kampung Sungai Selangi, Mawai, Kota Tinggi. They are considered to be one of the country's earliest inhabitants even though they have been living on the Peninsula for only about 200 years.

Out of the 147,412 Orang Asli from 18 tribes in Malaysia, the Kanaqs make up the smallest number. The inhabitants of the Sungai Selangi village comprise 87 Orang Kanaq people, including 3 Malays, from 23 families. The village took shape in 1965, with only 40 Kanaq residents from 10 families.[5]

In the past, the Orang Kanaq were slave workers tapping trees in rubber plantations. Today, they lag behind in modern technology and education and are still working as labourers in rubber and shrub plantations. It is difficult for the close-knitted Orang Kanaq community to be separated as they avoid marrying outsiders. They believe that such unions will bring curses upon their tribe. Low birthrates have caused their numbers to dwindle over the years.[6]

Although, the population of the Orang Kanaq is dwindling, according to the Center of Orang Asli concern, the Orang Kanaq language is still very much vibrant.[7]

Study By Non-native Speakers[sunting | sunting sumber]

A study[8] reported there are only 83 native speakers of the Orang Kanaq Language. It has also reported that all members of the Orang Kanaq tribe are able to understand the language. However, the language's lexicon has largely been influenced by the Malay Language.

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