Ann Taylor

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Ann Taylor
The Taylor Family (Martin Taylor; Ann Taylor; Jefferys Taylor; Isaac Taylor; Isaac Taylor; Jane Taylor; Ann Taylor) by Isaac Taylor.jpg
Lukisan Ann Taylor (kanan) dan adiknya, Jane Taylor (kiri) oleh Isaac Taylor
Lahir(1782-01-30)30 Januari 1782
Islington, London, Inggris
Meninggal20 Desember 1866(1866-12-20) (umur 84)
Nottingham, London, Inggris
PekerjaanPenyair, Kritikus

Ann Taylor (30 Januari 1782 – 20 Desember 1866) adalah seorang penyair dan kritikus sastra Inggris.[1]

Beberapa karyanya antara lain:

  1. A True Story[2][3]
  2. About the Little Girl that Beat Her Sister[2][3]
  3. Careless Mathilda[2]
  4. Come And Play In The Garden[2]
  5. Deaf Martha[2][3]
  6. Dirty Jim[2]
  7. Finery[2]
  8. For a Naughty Little Girl[2][3]
  9. Frances Keeps Her Promise[2]
  10. George And The Chimney-Sweep[2]
  11. Greedy Richard[2]
  12. James And The Shoulder Of Mutton[2]
  13. Jane and Eliza[2][3]
  14. Learning to Go Alone[2][3]
  15. Little Girls Must Not Fret[2]
  16. Meddlesome Matty[2][3]
  17. Mischief[2]
  18. My Mother[2]
  19. Negligent Mary[2]

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