Angkatan Udara Filipina

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Philippine Air Force
PAF Seal.png
Insignia of the Philippine Air Force
AktifJuly 1, 1947 – Present
Negara Philippines
Tipe unitAir force
Jumlah personel17,000 active personnel
Bagian dariArmed Forces of the Philippines
HeadquartersVillamor Air Base
MotoThe "First Force"
HimnePhilippine Air Force Hymn
PertempuranWorld War II
Communist insurgencies
Islamic insurgency
Commanding GeneralLt. Jen. Jeffrey F. Delgado
RoundelRoundel of the Philippines.svg
Low Visibility RoundelRoundel of the Philippines – Low Visibility.svg
Pesawat F-5E dari Angkatan Udara Filipina .
S-211 PAF 2.jpg
PhAF MD-520MG Helicopter.JPG

Angkatan Udara Filipina (bahasa Inggris: The Philippine Air Force (PAF); bahasa Tagalog: Hukbóng Pamhimpapawid ng Pilipinas) adalah angkatan udara bagian dari Angkatan Bersenjata Filipina dan salah satu dari tiga angkatan bersenjata dari negara Filipina. Berawal sebagai bagian dari Angkatan Darat Filipina, Angkatan Udara Filipina dibentuk sebagai institusi militer tersendiri pada tanggal 1 Juli 1947 berdasarkan Executive Order No. 94. Angkatan Udara Filipina memiliki 17.000 personel aktif yang mengoperasikan pangkalan dan pesawat.

Filipina Angkatan Udara (PAF) memiliki kekuatan 16.000, dengan 49 pesawat tempur dan 67 helikopter bersenjata.

Dalam tahun-tahun sebelumnya, PAF mampu membeli pesawat pelatih baru SF-260 dan helikopter menyerang malam. Itu juga di set untuk memperoleh delapan pesawat latih dasar, tambahan 10 Huey UH-1H helikopter utilitas, delapan merek helikopter tempur baru utilitas, delapan helikopter serang baru, dua pesawat ringan angkat, dan 12 helikopter pelatih.[1]

Aircraft inventory[sunting | sunting sumber]

Active aircraft[sunting | sunting sumber]

Aircraft Origin Type[2] Versions Active[2] Orders Notes
Fixed-wing aircraft
SIAI Marchetti S-211  Italy Light attack aircraft / Basic jet trainer AS-211 5[3][4] - Locally upgraded to AS-211 "Warrior" standard to do air-to-ground missions. 7 more airframes stored, waiting for reactivation.[5]
Rockwell International OV-10 Bronco  Amerika Serikat Light attack aircraft / Surveillance aircraft OV-10A
10[3][6] - Some OV-10A were upgraded to OV-10M (SLEP) with four-bladed propellers by Marsh Aviation.[7] Five OV-10C provided by Thailand in 2003-2004, more may follow.[8] Upgraded to deliver Paveway LGB.
Alenia Aermacchi SF-260  Italy Light attack aircraft / Primary trainer SF-260TP/MP
20[3] - 20 older "MP" & "TP" models & 18 new units SF-260F (designated "FH") as of 2012.[9] Some "M" and "TP" models configured for light attack.
Lockheed C-130 Hercules  Amerika Serikat Heavy tactical transport C-130B
- H model t/n 4726 & 4704, and B model t/n 3633.[10] 6 more C-130B & L-100-20 stored[11]
Fokker F27 Friendship  Netherlands VIP transport
Maritime patrol aircraft
Medium tactical transport
- F27-200 t/n 59-0259 (c/n 10115),[12] F27-200MAR c/n 10620,[13] F27-500F c/n 10669[14][15]
Fokker F28 Fellowship  Netherlands VIP Transport F28-3000 1 - VIP transport t/n 1250[16]
GAF N-22 Nomad  Australia Light transport aircraft N-22B 3[17] - t/n C-87 and 2 more.
Rockwell International Turbo Commander  Amerika Serikat Surveillance aircraft Aero Commander 690 1[3] -
Cessna T-41 Mescalero  Amerika Serikat Primary pilot trainer T-41B
- Fourteen T-41D, plus fifteen T-41B from South Korea added 2009[18]
Cessna 210 Centurion  Amerika Serikat Light utility aircraft LC-210 1 - t/n 227, rain-making aircraft[10]
AgustaWestland AW109  Italia Armed scout helicopter AW109 Power 0 8 8 armed variants on order[19]
PZL W-3 Sokół  Polandia SAR / Utility helicopter W-3A 8[20] - Operated by the 505th Search and Rescue Group.[21]
Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk  Amerika Serikat VIP transport S-70A-5 1[15] - 2 delivered in 1984 but 1 crashed & written-off.
McDonnell Douglas MD-500 Defender  Amerika Serikat Scout / Light Attack Helicopter MD-520MG 25[3] -
Sikorsky S-76  Amerika Serikat Combat SAR helicopter & Air Ambulance S-76A/AUH-76A 10<[3] - The PAF originally received 17 aircraft.
Bell UH-1 Iroquois  Amerika Serikat Combat utility helicopter UH-1H/V
Huey II
Only 21 available at any time. PAF acquired license in 2003 to perform in-house Huey II upgrades[22]
Bell 205  Amerika Serikat Search and Rescue helicopter 8[3] -
Bell 412  Amerika Serikat VIP transport 412EP 3[23] - These aircraft are leased, and operated by the Presidential Airlift Wing.[24]

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