Agnes Chan

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Agnes Chan
Informasi latar belakang
Nama lahirAgnes Chen Mei Ling
Nama lainアグネス・チャン
Lahir20 Agustus 1955 (umur 66)
AsalBendera Hong Kong Hong Kong
GenreCantopop, J-pop
PekerjaanPenyanyi, Aktris
Tahun aktif1969 - sekarang
LabelLife Records

Agnes Chan atau Agnes Miling Kaneko Chan (Tionghoa tradisional: 陳美齡; Tionghoa sederhana: 陈美龄; pinyin: Chén Měilíng; Jepang: アグネス・チャン) adalah aktris, penulis lirik, dan penyanyi kelahiran Hong Kong yang banyak menyanyikan lagu berbahasa Jepang dan Tionghoa. Selain sebagai artis yang aktif di Jepang, Agnes Chan dikenal sebagai duta Jepang untuk UNICEF, penyandang gelar doktor ilmu pendidikan sekaligus penulis esai dan novel. Agnes adalah nama baptisnya.

Penampilan di media[sunting | sunting sumber]

Televisi[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • TV Tokyo - Kitajima Wink Heart (selesai September 2007)
  • Chiba TV - Agnes' Music Salon (selesai Januari 2006)

Radio[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Radio Nippon (RF) - Agnes' Sunny Side Up
  • RTHK - City Snapshot (September 2005-Maret 2006)

Diskografi[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • 1971 Will the circle game be unbroken
  • 1972 ORIGINAL(1), Poppy flower, With Love from Agnes
  • 1973 As Stars, As Flowers, Splendor In The Grass, Flower Concert
  • 1974 Agnes's small diary dan The Concert for Your and Me, Fly of Swallows
  • 1975 The Story of Small Love, Family concert, Hello To Youth, Say Thank You To You, Loving Songs, I Am In Love
  • 1976 Mei Mei - Dream all the time, See You Again Some Day, Where shall I go to look for my lover, Agnes Chan, Memorial of Love
  • 1977 How are you? dan My lover, With love from Canada
  • 1978 Happy Again, Ready, Go!
  • 1979 Agnes in Wonderland, ABC AGNES, Carnation in the rain, Beautiful days
  • 1980 Message, Morning Star, Love robber, Wonderer, Swallow has came back
  • 1981 Love Me Little Love Me Long, Mystic words for love, Absorbed in love, Anxiety-forgetting grass
  • 1982 Song of Lijiang River, Half Time, Christmas Song Medley
  • 1983 Small question, Girl Friends, Wish you to being mellow
  • 1985 Loving Harmony, Love will be found - City romance
  • 1990 Dear Agnes - Carpenters collection
  • 1992 World nursery rhyme and baby-sitter song complete volume I-V
  • 1997 Agnes Chan Cantonese selection
  • 1999 Famous baby-sitter song and nursery rhymes in the world
  • 2000 Happy kids songs by Agnes, English songs by Agnes, Melancholy, Love, Peace & Freedom
  • 2001 Private novel - My Love Story
  • 2002 Now and Then, Agnes Chan CD BOX
  • 2005 Lost & Found -Come to Me-
  • 2006 Forget Yourself (CD audio dengan DVD)
  • 2008 Peaceful World

Publikasi[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • 1983 My Chinese dishes by Agnes
  • 1984 Be peaceful with songs
  • 1984 We all are the people who live on the earth
  • 1993 Neo Woman
  • 1994 Mama You Don't Need to be a Doctor
  • 1996 We all are the people who live on the earth Part2
  • 1997 Hong Kong Guide by Agnes
  • 1999 The Road Winds Uphill All The Way (kolaborasi dengan Myra H. Strober), We all are the people who live for the future
  • 2001 Positive child care by Agnes
  • 2002 Perfection couple, Ring of bullet
  • 2003 This road leads to the hill
  • 2004 Cheers to the world!, Japan, where I love, Messages from little lives
  • 2005 The Right Track -To people who live for the future-, What the Marriage Life is ? (kolaborasi dengan Yoko Kitajima)
  • 2006 Agnes' Style Aging - Chinese Herbal Detoxification, Flowers, Colors and Birthday Messages (kolaborasi)
  • 2007 We all are the people who live on the earth Part3, 26 words of love for finding happiness by Mother Teresa

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